Sauce has been "World Famous Hooters Girl" since August of 2008.  She has been a not quite as famous Hooters blogger since February 2009, parlaying that experience into a recurring gig writing a column for Hooters Magazine.  More recently, Sauce has moved to a more open blogging format that reflects many aspects of her life included but not limited to: grad school, eating, music, rants, raves, ranting raves, fitness competitions, sex, drugs, rock and roll and of course Hooters.

Currently living in beautiful Montana, Sauce is an MBA student at the University of Montana who hopes to one day combine her love for writing, marketing, sports and social media into some sort of viable career (meaning she is pretty much open to any opportunity which may present itself).  Or she could always just take over her parents' Dutch bakery and give into her life-long love of soup and cupcakes.  Either way.


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