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Welcome to an ever evolving selection of Sauce's favorite things!  Anything and everything may be featured, but all of it will be awesome.

There are very few things that I look at religiously on the Internet.  Yeah, I have shit I enjoy, but when it comes to my everyday routine not much makes the cut.  One of my few all-time-favorite, marginally-creepy daily reads is "Missed Connections" on Craigslist.  Yes, I am totally and utterly addicted to reading about the girl in the cosmetic aisle at Target or the guy at the desk in the corner of the library.  W4m, m4w, m4m - I read it all with equal admiration.  I don't know what is, but I need my Missed Connections.  Perhaps it's the romance of it all.  Or I'm a total creep.  Either way I'm unashamed.

I am tall.  I wear heels.  These make me really tall.  Get over it.  Please meet my newest Steve Madden's that I am totally obsessed with.  They are tall and flashy and quite frankly, utterly ridiculous.  And that my friends is why I love them - even if they do make me 6'4.  At least I'm a really flashy, totally glamourous 6'4.  I'm pretty sure the real reason my boyfriend is 6'8  is so I can wear platforms.  Sorry, Dreamy.  Cat's out of the bag now!

Yes, those are copper sequins all over those shoes.  I'm fairly certain they're what Dorothy would wear if she visited OZ in the year 2011.  Remind me to click my heels next time I'm inebriated at 2:00 a.m. and see if they take me home.

I introduce you to the Mini Warbler.  Warning:  I am a Gleek and this is a Glee thing.  That being said, this boy is adorable regardless of the fact that you may think Glee causes internal bleeding and other things that may or may not be life threatening.  Just look at that little coat!  As I told Dreamy, "I want one."

I have literally been waiting for the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette  to be in stock on Sephora for months.  It's that's amazing.  This is pretty much the perfect neutral palette featuring twelve shadows that perfectly coordinate no matter which combination you choose to wear them.

Plus, if you purchase it from Sephora, you'll receive a travel sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  And I love free shit (or things that feel like free shit).

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  1. I have that pallet and go NO WHERE without it. It's so worth it, I didn't know it was so high indemand....you'll probably be mad at me when I say I just walked in a store in Tallahassee and bought it lol



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