09 July 2012

The End of an Era

It's been a long time.  In fact, that could perhaps be a glaring understatement.  Months have past, stories worth telling have come and gone and still this blog has remained devastatingly stagnant.  It is not something I'm proud of, but more something that seems best.

Before I get ahead of myself, I'll start by saying that since its inception this blog has been a labor of love.  Sharing my writing was not so much for all of you as it was for me.  While it's nice to have a following, my goal began and continued to be a personal one at its core.  I wrote not for the result, but rather for the act itself; writing was therapeutic, enjoyable and relaxing all at the same time.  I wrote because I simply wanted to write and took joy from doing so.

Of course over time, my writing captured readers.  And when that happened I couldn't keep the writing for myself anymore.  I catered to my audience and I found continued enjoyment in doing so.  But with that I drew even more eyes.  Eventually, this even reached Hooters of America.

At some point, someone in Atlanta found my blog.  They read what I had to say.  They agreed.  They shared with their coworkers.  And that - as many of you know - lead to an amazing opportunity to write for Hooters Magazine which I appreciated greatly.

That one opportunity grew into many more.  Not only was I writing here, but for a real publication.  I was invited to special events and even thought I'd found a permanent position with the company.  But times change.  Hooters was sold and just a year after I started contributing to the magazine my world came crashing down.  I lost the magazine, I lost what I'd hoped would be my career and I nearly lost this blog.

That last part I owe to you.  Your reaction, sent to Hooters in emails and phone calls, saved this blog.  I felt appreciated in a way I never had before.  Yet, it never really was the same.  I censored myself more and writing became less enjoyable because I felt stifled.  I felt less creative.  I didn't feel like writing because it wasn't just me anymore.  Hooters was watching.

But then, I always knew Hooters was watching.  I'd, as a woman with a marketing degree, always been very conscious of what I should and shouldn't say.  I never wrote anything that I would consider defamatory or shared proprietary information.  As many of you know, my purpose was only to show the human side of a Hooters Girl and in doing so show that Hooters was and is so much more than its sometimes popular image.  Of course new management never really seemed to get it.  That's why they tried to shut me down in the first place.

And that is what leads me to this.  Hooters is experiencing a multitude of changes as a company.  Now for the record, most of what I have seen thus far I agree with - it was time for an update.  But while so many of the changes are good, they are also changes that make me realize this blog may be viewed poorly by the corporate office.  That has brought me here.  To the end of this blog.  In the end I love my job far too much to jeopardize it with a bit of satyrical internet humor.

Sharing this with you in such a concrete way is extremely painful for me.  It was a decision not easily made, which was precisely why it took me so long to write this.  Ending this blog is like a breakup I don't want to be a part of.  Sometimes even seemingly good relationships have to end.

Don't worry, I'll keep writing.  I'm just not sure when or where it will show up.  Maybe I'll start a new blog or maybe I'll revisit this one in a new direction.  For now I just need to take some time to truly close this chapter and accept that this is not an opportunity lost, but rather simply one part of my journey.  It's been a pleasure being on this ride with you.  Thanks for being there.

With love,


  1. I've enjoyed your writing since I discovered it.

    Keep writing.

  2. Is there any way you can come to an official agreement with Corporate to continue this blog? Hooters needs this kind of personal relation with folks to continue to present the real impact of Hooters beyond how the shorts show off a butt or two.

  3. I'n so sad, Sauce. I've always enjoyed visiting this blog and reading what you had to say. I hope you decide just to take this blog in a different direction instead of quitting it entirely. Whatever you decide, good luck with your future endevours and stay in touch!

  4. We'll miss you. Stay awesome. Plus it's good to know that Hooters is getting better.

  5. I realize this must be extremely difficult for you, but I do want to say that I have always appreciated - and understood - your efforts. Sauce, you will definitely be missed not only with your humor but the way you managed to brighten the days of so many others without even giving second thought to the sacrifice you gave to create and maintain this blog.

  6. Sauce, I really enjoy your writing and the way you look at things in the world. You did show the human side of Hooter's Girls and I thought that was very important. I was a regular at a now closed Hooter's restaurant and it was great getting to know the girls, what they were studying in school and their plans for the future. I'm glad to hear you're not too broken up over the end of the blog rather looking at it positively as another stop in the journey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best wishes to you in ALL of your future endeavors.

  7. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I think you have given us outsiders a wonderful perspective on the world of Hooters, both the good and bad. Life is all about change and moving on to better opportunities so don't feel bad. Good luck in your developing career Sauce.


    I thought it was taken care of when you became just "_____ according to Sauce"

    I'm heartbroken :(

  9. I can't even recall how I came upon your blog in the First place. I never eat at Hooters. I don't "blog surf". How I found you is a mystery. But since doing so, I have enjoyed your writing immensely. I understand the breakup aspect of closing this blog, for I have recently gone through similar literary heartache. But good writers tend to find new grounds. I'm sure you'll come up with Something :)

    Good luck in all your endeavors, Miss.

  10. I am going to miss reading your informative and funny articles! You did a very good job in painting Hooters in a good lite. Don't let this stop you for continuing on with what you love.

    As you know, Hooters is going through some MAJOR changes. The company is not doing good at all. Other "bresturants" are doing better in this economy than Hooters. That DEFINITELY has to change.

    Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK!

  11. What's interesting is that if you look around blogger, there are a TON of other hooters girls blogs that were started after the "originals" (yours and one or two others). Most of those blogs are done by girls who've just started working for Hooters, and they usually only last a few entries, but most of them also mentioned how they looked at and were inspired by other blogging Hooters girls, especially your blog. The point is that the "human face" which your blog puts on Hooters doesn't just effect customers or the outside world, it also encourages girls who were thinking about working at Hooters but weren't sure about it, and are encouraged by hearing about the real experiences of experienced Hooter girls. This is something which corporate (not just at Hooters, but other "breastaurants") should be thinking about: girls who are thinking of applying are naturally going to have a lot of questions and concerns (if they've had no friends working there at least), and blogs like this help them out. And the fact that so many girls take the trouble to make a blog about their experiences in the first place (even if only for a few entries) shows that the interest in this sort of thing from potential and actual employees is strong. So your blog has definitely has a real-world impact, Sauce. It helped to set the ball rolling, and while it may have become difficult for you to continue, I think that in some way the genie is out of the bottle now, and what you helped to start will continue in some shape or form.

  12. I'm going to miss your blog. Despite living in the UK and never having been to Hooters in my life, I always found it entertaining to read. I originally found girlandguitar by clicking "Next Blog" from my own, and have enjoyed it ever since. Good luck in everything you do ;)

  13. Sauce,

    I came across your blog back after the start of the year. I read it from the beginning to present day. I love your personality, your writing, your smart-ass sense of humor, and your self-confidence. I've felt that your blog was a must-read for those who work or dine at Hooters.

    Looking back, it seems that when HQ told you not to do the blog, it was a major punch to the gut. Entries weren't as frequent, nor Hooter-filled. Luckily, it didn't seem to leave a bad taste in your mouth (if you will) because you're still there.

    All good things must come to an end. I'll miss hearing your thoughts on whatever is on your mind. I wish you success in your life, personal and professional.

    THANK YOU for all you've done.

  14. I found your blog when I was looking to apply to Hooters and needed some tips. Though I did eventually get the job but quit shortly after because I felt it just wasn't for me, I continued to be an avid reader of your blog. In fact, I have your blog favorited and I constantly come back to check for any new entries. I'm sad to see you go and will be on the look out for anything new that you write. You're a very talented writer with a great personality

  15. *hug* Thank you for everything. It's been such a pleasure reading your blog. Stay true.

  16. This is the saddest thing I have heard recently. Your blog was the one I used to turn to when I needed a few chuckles. It always made me smile. Your receipt art as some blogger said " are one of the simple pleasures I look forward to" on the internet. Oh I'm going to missss you so much Sauce!
    Loved it that you came clean. for some reason, I sort of felt that you would do this since last month. If something has to be done half heartedly, then it will not give you joy. Censorship on your own blog will make you feel terrible. Glad you decided to take a call. Please keep writing. It could be about anything... if you could get so many readers interested in your job, glimpses of ur life would be fun too. Right now, it must feel terrible to let go....but keep moving and keep writing and get on with it. Much love Jenny.

  17. Greetings from Panama, i loved reading your blog and it will be missed :( good luck with your future proyects

  18. As I can see in the archive, you’ve written some really good stories in the past 4 years and I really appreciate your work.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I hope that people will continue to enjoy the blog and the archives. It's a shame that I feel like I can't contribute new content, but as long as I am employed with Hooters I think it's the best decision.



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