07 December 2009

Back to Blogging

Good news world!  It's December and contrary to my worries, I am not homeless!  Yes, I have found a comfortable little studio (excuse me, "Junior One Bedroom" according to the brochure) that I have decorated in a style befitting a young Hooters Girl/aspiring lawyer.  I have a pink paisley shower curtain and graphic black and white photography gracing my walls and now I even have internet.  Finally the world has righted itself and though my closet is small and I lack the amazing piece of furniture called a couch, I feel at home.  Back to internet not only means back to society and CNN.com it means back to blogging.  My dear blog, I have not forgotten you.  Please forgive the neglect.  I promise you several rousing stories to make up for my absence.  I promise to try and give equal time to both you and your stepbrother, Facebook.  I promise to be as close to awesome as possible.  I'm good like that.


  1. YAY! Congrats on finding a place and having internet!

  2. Way to go, Sauce! I'm so happy that you found a new place to live. BTW, I finally got a chance to listen to your song that you posted back in November. You've got a lovely voice and awesome guitar skills. I wish you the best with law school and your guitar-playing.



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