30 December 2009

My Anti-Resoultion

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions.  If one is truly interested in personal change it begins not on a specific day, but rather when one is ready for such a change.  Basically, it seems to me that forcing yourself into some measure of drastic change simply because it is the expected thing is never truly successful.  Change is an individual thing, not a phenomenon defined by some annual societal expectation.

I mean if you really want to lose weight or stay connected to family or avoid being a dirty whore why not start today?  Why is it that we continue to indulge in our vices until a certain day comes around?  I'd say it's because we don't really want to change.  We put it off.  We avoid it.  You say you'll start to workout tomorrow or call you mom once a week starting next week or keep your legs closed after that big party.  Yeah, you may do it, but mostly likely you'll stick with it for a few days and then go back to what you did before.  If you really wanted change and felt determined about it you would not start tomorrow or next week.  You would start today.

So no, I'm not going to to have a New Year's resolution because honestly it is my opinion that they are wildly unsuccessful.  I won't be forced to change until I personally decide it is in my best interest.  And that is why today, December 30th, I have decided to put new life back into this blog and post like I used to.  Not because it is my contrived New Year's resolution to do so, but because I want today starting now.  This is my anti-resolution.


  1. How about a resolution to post more often?

    That way it would bring more of your vivacious writing talent to our view. :)

    Ps. Totally serious here- not joking as we all miss your writing.

  2. That is my "anti-resolution"! I decided to get back to more regular posting and it has nothing to do with New Year's as I obviously think resolutions are crap. Hopefully, you'll continue to hear from me soon :)

  3. Glad to see you're back Sauce! Since work started actually using their internet monitoring software, I'm mainly reading on my phone now.

    Like you said, one changes when one is ready for change. I decided back june-ish that I really needed to drop some avoirdupois and am now down ~35 pounds. Unfortunately, it's eggnog season and I've been stuck on a plateau for a month now. The last quart is in the fridge and when it's gone I'll start losing again.



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