09 September 2011


As most of you probably noticed, yesterday I changed the design of my blog.  Changed for reasons beyond me, I can't say that I didn't do so a little (or a lot) grudgingly.  The previous layout was something I spent many hours on.  I took the time to design every element of my background and tinker with the HTML so it looked just so.  Let's just be honest, the blog itself has never been a money maker.  It's not like my design was going to make me millions of dollars.  That was never the point.  I'm simply a perfectionist and it was a true labor of love.  If I'm going to have a blog you better damn well believe it's going to look good.

Then things changed so very suddenly and I found myself needing to make changes and make them quickly.  There was no passion or drive behind the change, only necessity.  And honestly that made me not give two shits or even one actually.  First I went to one of Blogger's simple templates and later I searched and found a pre-made template somewhere out on the Internet.  I then spent all of an hour playing with things to make a few personal changes and that was it.  I was lazy.  Here we are because I couldn't really bring myself to care.

Maybe eventually I'll get around to creating a style for this blog that I love again, but for now I just don't have the energy.  I'm hoping the template I did finally decide on at the very least doesn't frighten my readers away.  Hopefully the content will keep you around regardless of how blah the shit framing it is.

Now if one of you out there is a fabulous designer of fabulous fabulousities and wants to take me on as a charity case I'm most totally cool with that.  Keep in mind that I enjoy the color light blue and white (yes, I know that's not technically a color) and swirls and shit.  Thank you in advance.

At the very least, this whole situation will give me a very awesome project for my first weekend MBA class entitled "Tools to Understanding the Digital Economy".  I hear you have to do a project on social media in business and how it's affected your life or how you've used it.  Man did this shit have perfect timing or what?  And since I'm on the theme of showing videos showing how awesome my school is, please meet the professor of my class, Dr. David Firth.  My project is going to rock his English face off.


  1. Hi, long-time, first time. I hate that corporate America has thrown you a curve, but there's a small silver lining: you're now on the
    These American Servers™ blogroll!
    I realize it's not exactly an even trade-off, but it's something...
    Good luck!

  2. The most important thing to me about the new layout (which also wasn't an issue with the old one) is--I can see the print. For us old people that's critical. I have trouble reading purple print on a red background, or gray on a black one. So, personally I like what you've done. (And I liked the old one, too, for the same reason--I could actually read it.)

  3. I just love the look and feel of your newly designed blog! Great kick off!

  4. I like the look too. And i wish someone would design my crappy ass page. It totes sucks. Keep on truckin', sauce.



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