05 September 2011

You've Got Mail

There is saying that Montana is the biggest small town in the world.  Basically, everyone you meet you already know, are somehow related to, or they know someone you know.  If you do something wildly inappropriate hundreds of miles away the odds that your mom will know about it before your hangover is warn off are pretty damn good.  News here travels fast.

Montana is just the sort of place where everything can sort of feel small town.  Even things like mail.  For example, you can send a letter and accidentally omit things from the address and the odds that it will get to where it's going are nearly 100%.  Forgot the zip code?  No sweat.

And then this letter arrived at Hooters and - in case I'd forgotten - I was quickly reminded that things are a just a little different in Montana.

This circulated mail was actually delivered without any relevant postal information and it still got to it's destination a day after it was dropped in the mail.  Not only was the zip code left off, but there is no address and the city is casually abbreviated.  Hell, the delivery "address" isn't an address at all.  It's a freaking sentence.  Hooters in Msla, Mont.  And that shit got to where it was going with no apparent hardship.

Yes, I realize Hooters in Missoula probably isn't that hard to find, but it's still somewhat impressive.  I'm glad my taxes are going toward a postal service that is fantastically in debt because they certainly know how to deliver a totally improperly addressed letter.  Come rain or shine or illiteracy.

P.S:  You stamp is sideways.

P.P.S:  They make the Internet for looking up addresses.

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  1. Yay Post!

    Honestly those kids do very well.. but I don't believe your taxes go to them at all..Are they not 100% financed by the stamps?



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