06 October 2011

One Day

A glimpse at my Halloween costume.  And my
abs.  I'm proud of both.
I am effing hungry.  I leave for my first fitness competition tomorrow and all I can think about is eating a carb sandwich that is fried in bacon fat.  I realize that makes no freaking sense.  That’s how bad I want really, honest, shitty food.  Ironically, I have been eating a ton, but all the chicken, asparagus and more chicken just isn’t cutting it anymore.  I need bread.

Really I think it’s mostly a nervous thing.  Suddenly that thing I’ve been working toward for months is here.  It seems like only a sort time I ago I was twelve weeks out.  Well twelve became eleven and eleven became ten and now I’m here.  One day. 

On Saturday, I’ll be taking the stage to compete in the smallest bikini I have possibly ever seen – funny that’s also the most expensive I’ve ever purchased.  I’ll be tanned and made-up and pose with perfection.  But what you won’t see as I stand on stage and flirt with judges are the over twenty pounds I’ve lost (and that’s keeping in mind that I’ve gained a significant amount of muscle).  You won’t see the two a days I’ve put in at the gym.  You won’t see how strict I was with my eating.  You won’t see all the work it took.  You’ll just see the result in bejeweled baby blue and clear high heels.

Sitting here on the couch I’m honestly amazed with how strong I feel.  I know that I have willpower and drive.  Without either of those traits I’d never have found myself here.  Even if I don’t place, at least I know that I can get myself to this place.  And that is saying something no matter where I end up.

I’m nervous.  I’m hungry.  I’m excited.  I’m ready.  All I need is a ridiculous spray tan and some butt glue.

And a medium rare burger and fries on Saturday night.  And popcorn.  And beer.  Eff it, take me to a buffet.


  1. That's AWESOME! The gratification and confidence you gain from accomplishments like this are worth the effort! It's about RESULTS!!!

  2. Heh. You just reminded me of my bodybuilding days. I know just what you're going through. Good luck with the competition--you'll knock 'em dead!

  3. Good luck with your competition. And REALLY enjoy the beer and buffet! :)

    PS. Your abs look fabulous!


  4. Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far and Good Luck in the competition!

  5. You've worked so hard Sauce and it's clearly paid off for you. Best of luck in the competition! You'll do great! :) (That costume look amazing by the way.)

  6. Very nice abs and bellybutton. Good luck in it!

  7. Listen...in the distance...calling you from Bozeman...

  8. First, good luck in the competition.

    Second, your Halloween costume reminded me of this:


    I hope you'll find it as funny as I did.

  9. So how long have you cut out carbs for? I'd love to have your stomach but a am naturally squishy, alas!

  10. Congrats on the results of all your hard work. I have been eating right and exercising for the last 8 months. Getting close to my goal, but, have lost over 40kgs (88lbs) so far. SO I can relate to the effort you must have put in, even if I don't have abs that look as good as yours (yet ;-) )

    All the best with the competition. Regardless of the outcome, your have already won!

  11. About being disappointed about being sixth...I know a girl who came in fifth one year and sixth the next year...and the top three girls in the second year had body types the opposite of the first year. So there's no question that there can be a subjective element. Although, speaking personally, I would say: really, there is no subjective element to fake boobs...please stay natural! You have to know what an amazing accomplishment your work has been, and most people would kill for those results.



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