20 October 2011

Why Yes, I Am Skinnier Now

It's not like this for serious. CREDIT.
In becoming more fit again, I’ve realized that it’s something people are very uneasy addressing.  What I mean is that though people notice the change and want to offer some compliment, they have no idea how to do so.  I’ve noticed this the most at work where my required uniform is especially form fitting, making it pretty obvious that I’ve slimmed down.  It’s nearly impossible not to notice in form-fitting Lycra and spandex.  And this makes people uneasy.

Usually this happens most with regular customers.  I’ll be working at the bar, mixing drinks like a true master of all things alcoholic and a customer will clear their throat in a way that quite obviously means “I have something to say with absolutely no idea how to say it.”  After acknowledging the dramatic throat clear, I’ll find myself in the middle of a stammering, uncomfortable conversation that boils down to asking if I’ve lost weight.

“Um, I don’t really know how to say this, but have you…um…maybe lost a little weight?”

“You know, you look different.  I guess I’m not sure, but maybe you’ve been at the gym a bit lately?”

“I think, well maybe I don’t know, that perhaps you’ve toned up some.  I’m not really sure.  I don’t come here that much.”

Actually, you’re here twice a week, but whose counting anyway?  No matter the delivery, it’s pretty obvious that people have no idea how to address the change in my body.  Of course I totally understand.  We live in a society that has – rightfully – taught us it’s disrespectful to make inquires regarding a woman’s weight.  Hell, it’s rude to make inquires about anyone’s weight.  But sometimes, regardless of the situation, it’s nice to hear a compliment.

And that, my friends, is the difference.  If it’s apparent that someone has had a positive body change odds are they’d probably love a positive response to that change.  I’ve literally worked my ass off of my body after months of very hard work.  I’ve sweated.  I’ve sustained myself on boiled chicken.  I’ve consumed more protein in liquid form than some people probably eat in a year.  And most of it has totally sucked.  It was hard and it’s nice knowing that all of it really did make a noticeable difference.  Yes, I can look in the mirror everyday like a vain little twit and spew affirmations, but nothing is better than someone else taking notice and saying something nice.

If you notice a change in someone, go ahead and say something.  If they’re anything like me, they’ll really appreciate the compliment.  After all, a girl cannot live on protein and complex carbs alone; those don’t feed the soul.

So go ahead and sit at my bar and confidentially ask if I’m a personal trainer (yes, that actually happened).  Point out that I may have lost weight.  Because guess what?  I have.

If I can generalize, remember the importance of complimenting people.  Yes, it can occasionally feel awkward to do so, but it can really make a person’s day.  It’s just nice to be noticed and – even more so – appreciated.  I’ve made it my new personal goal to compliment someone everyday because the world could use a little love.  Let’s spread love people!

Oh, and thanks for letting me know how much you like my “guns.”

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  1. I've discovered when I diet that people have this weird reaction. They'll *know* I'm dieting but when I actually lose weight it seems to freak them out. I think the perception is dieting is something people do that doesn't actually work, because it doesn't work for *them.* Because they don't have the will-power to stick with it. So, when it *does* work it sort of challenges their perceptions and makes them feel like failures. Instead of inspiring them. Okay, rant over. You look smashing, Sauce--all that hard work and discipline is showing according to your pic. Yes, I voted for you. Again.

  2. I think the title should say "Skinnier." Unless, of course, all this hard work at the gym has turned you into Mulder and Scully's boss on The X-Files.

  3. I've also lost a bit of weight fairly recently, but people seem to have no trouble expressing it.
    I've gotten everything from, "You look great! How do you do it?"
    to, "What happened to your ass? You look like a boy!"

    I rather enjoy the first, not so much the second.

  4. Good lookin' out, Janus! I will blame it on the financial analysis I was taking a break from because I hate doing it with a passion.

  5. I'm in the Blonde's situation, too. I've recently lost a lot of weight, and toned down from running. I didn't even intend to lose weight when I started running; I just wanted to get in shape. I actually was pretty freaked out from how small I got, becase I have had problems with anorexia in high school, exc. People have had no problems telling me that I've gotten very skinny...it makes me feel very awkward.

  6. I had Gastric Bypass Nov 10, 2010. The people I wait on have literally watched me melt. I get a LOT of positive responses, and the occasional, you are too thin, you look sick etc....

    It is very hard for people to say things, especially when they are our regulars, they feel like they are our friends, and don't want to hurt our feelings.

    Keep up the great work, you are amazing and I love your blog.

    We went to our local Hooters for my Bday last night, it was great! My husband and his friend ate a metric ton of AYCE..... dont worry, we tipped REALLY WELL!

  7. I think perhaps the best way to approach this, as the "askee", is:

    Wow! You look really great! What's your secret?

    This lets the person know that you've noticed a change without saying, "Have you lost weight?", which implies they previously thought the person was fat.

    My opinion only, of course. :)

  8. I like it, watergirl. I totally agree!

  9. I get the same question walking around in my lab coat playing with chemicals. Weird, huh?

  10. I was in the contest too ;) I should have posted it on my blog, but I keep work separate thus far! It's fun to read yours now!



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