17 November 2011

Occupy Hooters

I'm not one for discussing politics.  While I find them interesting, I find politics often have a way of turning pleasant conversation into something else entirely.  In fact, my Hooters manual smartly tells me to avoid the subject all together along with matters of religion. And I am very much a rule-abiding Hooters Girl.

Regardless avoidance of political topics, when this shirt arrived in our merchandise shipment today I decided to buy it immediately.  I liked it so much that I decided to spend $16.95 I made working at Hooters on a shirt from Hooters.  As a rule I don't buy Hooters things.  Instead I wait and win shit in contests - and I'm very good at winning.  This is because I am cheap.  And because I don't enjoy the idea of giving back my wages to my place of employment whenever possible.  This shirt was good enough that I didn't care about any of that.

I think I much prefer occupying a place with heat, indoor plumbing, a full bar and plentiful fried food.

Can you say LOVE?  I feel like I should wear this shirt, march down to the courthouse (because as a liberal college town we have our own occupy movement braving the Montana elements) and hand out wings or some shit.  Because can't we all agree on the goodness of fried food tossed in various sauces?  I like to think that we can.

I for one will be occupying Hooters all weekend.  Perhaps I should pitch a tent and just live behind the bar.


  1. This is actually pretty awesome. Not to mention clever marketing.

  2. I like the shirt. Is it something that you could wear while working, though?

  3. Janus, this is not something I could wear at work. I am required to wear the uniform and not allowed to deviate from it. This is not a uniform top, but rather just a unisex t-shirt.



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