24 March 2010

Hooters Photo Creepers

Today at work I had a camera phone creeper.   Camera phone creepers are easy to spot.  They're the ones that awkwardly hold their phone pretending to text while actually taking less than appropriate photos of Hooters Girls.  They think they are stealthy, but they are anything but.  No one texts with a phone held that high.  No one snaps it shut so quickly as soon as someone turns around.  Yes, I caught you.  Get over it.

Here's the thing, it is completely acceptable for you to take photos in Hooters.  It's not against the rules.  Really, ask me for a picture; I don't mind.  But no, you'd rather be totally awkward and photograph me in less than flattering ways.  I'm sure you're getting really up close and personal to all of my most wonderful assets.  Have fun with that later.

What I don't get is why guys insist on doing that.  Is it because you think you're not allowed?  Does it get you off?  Are you just plain weird?  All I know is that it is really disconcerting when you know someone is photographing you in that way.  You walk up to the table - or away from it - and all you can think about is what body part he's zooming in on.  There is perhaps nothing more objectifying.

So next time you're at Hooters, please remember we will gladly take a nice photo with you if you ask.  We'll strike our best Hooters pose, smile pretty and leave you with a great memory to take home with you.  No need to be creepy about it - even if you do tip really effing well.  I appreciate the 90% tip, but I'd appreciate being left my dignity more.


  1. This is just a hunch, but I think that some guys feel so awkward about asking you or the other Hooters Girls for photos that they'd rather snap pix on their cell phones, pretending to text or whatever. Just damn creepy, if you ask me.


  2. We like the ass and girls dont let you take pictures of that! ya im a creeper...



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