06 November 2010

Receipt Art: October 30, 2010

I decided to clean out my pouch today at work.  Waiting pouches and aprons just seem to collect things and everyone once and while it just feels right to get all that shit out of there.  Not only did I find several dollars I didn't know I had - score - but I also found an amazing receipt art that I had totally forgotten about.  I'm going to go ahead and say now that this is the type of receipt art I would only give to specific people; it's specialized and certainly not for everyone.  I'll go ahead and let you figure out why.

Yes, this is exactly the right sort of receipt art for a group of gentleman that order nine Big Daddies, a Bud Light Pint and a double whiskey coke.  Not only are those probably the cutest ghosts I've ever drawn (no offense previous ghosts), but they also are enjoying some delicious libations.  I am especially a fan of the ghost flying while drinking.  I'm not sure on the rules of ghost intoxication, but that might not be allowed.  Sort of like a DUI.  I guess that would be an FUI - Floating/Flying Under the Influence.  Even I'm ashamed how lame that just was.


  1. Aw! Ghosts are so cute when they're drunk!

  2. Sauce,
    You're hilarious! :-) And that receipt art is super cute.

  3. lol...no bull... i was thinking the same thing FUI. Hilarious. I used to work for Hooters here in Texas... ah the memories(good and bad- some people were just disrespectful)I'll be following you... you're funny :)



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