05 November 2010

Sauce is NOT a Winner

After all that annoying nagging I didn't place in the Hooters costume contest.  I was really hoping I could justify all my posting, more posting and extra posting with an exciting announcement proclaiming my awesomeness and increased bank balance.  I don't get to say any of that.  Tragic.

What I will say is that I am not bitter at my loss and I offer a heartfelt congratulations to those who placed.  I can't really say that your costumes were better - there were quite a few awesome costumes.  But I don't think anyone really thought it was actually a costume contest to begin with.  That's another matter entirely however.

Now one of you needs to win those wings for a year so we can proclaim victory for someone involved in my life in some way.  I wish you all luck.

I shall now entertain you with a few photos of my Halloween goodness to make up for my lack of winnerness.

Yes, my dear friends, that is the infamous Dreamy and there we both are in our Halloween finery.  I am pretty sure we are boing to be Buzz and Woody for the next five to ten years.  Guess I'd better stay in shape.

Please note the working pull string I created for Dreamy.  Yes, it actually retracts.  I clearly am insane.  Also note the not so perfect lines on the sleeves.  I let Dreamy do those himself.  This was clearly a poor idea.  I love you, but your costume making skills simply aren't up to par.

I love these effing costumes.


  1. Wow, those are awesome costumes! You're seriously amazing with costume making.

    Wish you won the contest but oh well, you win in my opinion anyway for having the most original (:

  2. My God, those costumes are ADORABLE! You did a fantastic job. Sorry you didn't win the contest, but know that your costumes beat out pretty much every other one I've ever seen! :)

  3. aaaaaaaaawwwww. you deff should have won! you freaking made your costume!!!!! and i looked over every single one of those costumes... and yeah there were pretty awesome ones... however yours is super rad!

  4. You had a great costume- more than likely the winner showed excessive skin...sad but true je think.

  5. You both look awesome! Those are amazing costumes! :-) You should have won, but after looking through the other contestants' photos after I voted for you, I could tell that many of them did not see it as an actual costume contest, as you implied above. I'm sorry you didn't win, but thanks for sharing your costumes with us :-)

  6. I don't normally post comments, but oh my god these costumes are so cute! You have some skill. Scratch that. You have A LOT of skill. They look amazing and well done.



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