03 July 2011

Back To Hooting

After nine fabulous days in Miami I have returned to my life as a Hooters Girl.  I've had five shifts since I returned late Monday night.  Add my work schedule to a summer class and a new apartment that still needs organizing and the beaches of Miami seem much more than a week behind me.  That seems like another life.

And really it is, I've been to the other side of Hooters and I want in.  While I love my orange shorts - while hating the nylons - I enjoyed the business end of things as I experienced it in Miami.  Obviously being in Miami didn't hurt, but it felt good to play such an integral role in pageant week.  It's not that being a Hooters Girl isn't important, it's that spreading what a Hooters Girl is so widely feels really important.  After all, exposing the true nature of Hooters Girls was the whole point of this blog in the first place; being at the pageant allowed me to do that on a much larger scale.  And that I loved.

I love my job and I love sharing it on this blog.  I'm glad that Hooters gave me the opportunity to share with an even larger audience.  And maybe one day I can do that full-time.  But for now I'll happily don my shorts and continue to share my experiences here.

Maybe one day you can all say, "I read her when..."


  1. You are such a great brand ambassador, that I hope they give you a corporate PR job when you are ready! Great!

  2. I feel pretty confident that you're going to be asked to do this sort of stuff more and more often . . . this is only the beginning!



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