04 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July to All You Regular People

Come fill your face with fried shit and celebrate being independent!
It's the Fourth of July and while for most people that means hot dogs and boats and fireworks and alcohol and other non-work related things, for those of us in the food service industry it most likely means business as usual.  Yes, Hooters is open today and I will be bartending 4:30 to close this evening.

For the record the Fourth of July has historically been the slowest day at Hooters.  I'm talking losing money because you're paying your employees more than you're taking in slow.  But of course we're still open bleeding money like it's no big deal.

All that being said, I really don't mind that I'm working the Fourth.  After the total fiasco that was the Fourth of July last year I'm actually looking forward to the mundane safety of the bar.  Wasted people don't generally follow you around and threaten to beat you up for no good reason while you work bar.  You also don't have to sleep in your car in a parking lot being prowled by a brown bear.  I'll take working the bar any day.

Please note how I just spent the last paragraph talking myself out of how much I'd be enjoying the gorgeous weather from the bow of a boat right now.  Consider that dedication, Hooters.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Happy Fourth to you, too, Sauce! In a way I'm spending my holiday working, too--while I'm off from my day job I'm writing a treatment for a TV show pilot. Hopefully *that* will be my day job in a while . . . anyways, have a fun and safe holiday!

  2. And a Happy Independence Day to you too, Sauce. If you do not mind my asking, what happened last year that made the day such a total fiasco?

  3. I feel the same about Canada Day up north. I work in a historical village and have for four years. I don't know what normal people do on the long weekend anymore, expect apparently come in to bug me about grain elevators.

  4. James, it was a fiasco for the reason I mentioned. Well that's a few of the reasons at least.



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