03 July 2011

Miami in Pictures

Because I'm reminiscing, a few pictures from my adventure in Miami.

 The absolutely ugly view from my balcony.  Of course by ugly I mean gorgeous.

The other view from my balcony.  It's obvious I must be big time because I was given double the views. Regular people only get one.

 Ladies on a boat.  They are in bikinis in case you didn't notice.

This is where people swim.  And drink overpriced booze.  On that note, I miss Miami Vice - the drink, not the show.

Downtown Miami at night.  I thought the clouds were beautimus.

Please note the large hotel behind the butt on the left.

This is a kitty contemplating life on the boardwalk.

Being a huge costume loser, this was my favorite part of the contest.  Please note Lindsey Way, Miss Hooters International 2011, is on the right.

More bikinis.  It was a general theme of the week.

Winning is fun.

P.S. If you have a confetti cannon I'm going to need to borrow it for life.


  1. Heh. Beauty overload! Thanx for sharing, Sauce--I'm jealous.

  2. What is Miami Vice? The drink, that is. I am assuming that it was inspired by the TV series, but what is in it?

  3. A Miami Vice is - very simplified - a half strawberry daiquiri topped with delicious coconut milk. I fell in love. But let me tell you, at $18 a pop it was a very expensive love...



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