24 January 2012

Some People Shouldn't Have Phone Privileges

This would have been a much better use of my phone
on Sunday afternoon.  CREDIT.
On Sunday I received two calls at work that both left me speechless.  Welcome to the world of answering the phone at Hooters.

Sauce:  “It’s a hooterific day at Hooters of Missoula!  This is Sauce, how can I help you?”

Probably Drunk Person:  “Yeahss, juz wonderin’ if the Hooters is open on Sun-Sa-weekends.”

Sauce:  “We’re open everyday of the week!”

Probably Drunk Person:  “Sooooo, you’rzz open then?  Righ now?”

Sauce:  “Yup, we’re here!”

What I actually wanted to say:  “It’s a pretty good indication that we’re open when someone answers the phone within the first three rings.  If you ask the question twice and the answer is still yes than we are definitely open.  Figure it the eff out.”

Believe it or not, like pretty much every other chain restaurant in the world, Hooters is open seven days a week.  Regardless, it’s a fairly novel concept it would seem.  Next time, get your drunk ass to the Internet and save yourself the embarrassment by finding the answer there.  The Google Machine can do anything.

The second conversation was even more ridiculous than the first.

Sauce:  “It’s a hooterific day at Hooters of Missoula!  This is Sauce, how can I help you?”

Man:  “Um, who’s playing football today?”

Sauce:  “Well today are the AFC and NFC championship games.”

Man:  “Oh sweet!  And who plays in those?”

Sauce:  “The early game is the Ravens and Patriots and the later game is the 49ers and Giants.”

Man:  “Great!”

Seriously.  If you have to call HOOTERS and ask a GIRL who is playing on the second biggest weekend of football we have some serious issues.  In fact, I believe that’s grounds to have your man card revoked completely.  I mean I know not everyone is in to football, but if you have enough interest to call to enquire who is playing that you have enough interest to not have to call in the first place.  Once again I suggest the Google Machine because it won’t make fun of you on the Internet like I just did.

All jokes aside, I don’t mind answering questions no matter how ridiculous.  But it’s a damn good thing I know my football.  


  1. I feel your pain. A big part of my job is answering the phone--I work a help desk. Don't get me started . . .

  2. I constantly get the question 'How much is this?' ... you couldn't look at the price displayed right next to it on the shelf???

  3. Unfortunately phone etiquette and manners are in very short supply these days. It would be so nice if proper phone etiquette was taught as early as elementary school.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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