23 January 2012

Thou Shalt Not Judge if Thy Carry a Playboy Handbag

I’ve always made a point of being totally accepting of negative opinions of Hooters.  The fact of the matter is that pretty much everyone will have pretty much different attitudes towards pretty much everything.  That’s just human nature, my friends.  Think what you want and I’ll just go ahead and think what I want.  It only seems fair.

Now what I don’t so much enjoy is people who let their opinions blind them.  What I mean is when even the most positive of experiences is totally lost because a person is so set in their ways.  I’m not so much bothered by the fact that the opinion doesn’t change – that’s somewhat against my original premise – but rather bothered that they can’t even see the positive at all.

Beyond that, people whose opinions appear hypocritical also bother me.  My reasons for this are probably fairly obvious.  I mean if you’re going to have a stance on something you damn well better have a similar stance on similar issues.  That’s just commonsense.

Recently, a family consisting of parents and one child sat down to a meal at Hooters.  Given the make up of the table, I did what I always do in that situation – make a point of taking care of the woman first.  I do this because, for one, it’s polite and because I like to do everything in my power to make women, who perhaps have less favorable feelings toward Hooters, feel more comfortable.

Now usually that tactic breaks the ice pretty well, but in this case nothing I could do would make this woman like me.  In fact, nothing I could do would probably even make this woman think of me as a person.  I could have given her the winning lottery numbers and she’d have glared at me.  Her indifference practically screamed of her disdain for me while the rest of her family seemed to thoroughly enjoy everything about their experience; mom just wasn’t having it.

Mmm, glittery.  CREDIT.
While that alone bothered me, what bugged me even more was the fact that she had her purse on the table.  A purse with a giant, glittery Playboy Bunny displayed prominently on the side.  So Hooters isn’t ok, but Playboy is?  I don’t think that makes a damn bit of sense.

Do me a favor and don’t judge my shorts, tank top and so-opaque-they’re-practically leggings nylons if you support naked chicks enough to proclaim it on the side of the purse you probably bought at Spencer’s.  That’s unfair and messed up on more levels than I can even begin to elaborate upon.  What I will say, though, is that I think my job at Hooters is pretty innocent when compared to nearly everything involving Playboy.  But maybe that’s just me.

I hope your Playboy purse continues to treat you well.  And by that I actually mean that you can go and stuff it into somewhat inappropriate places on your hypocritical body.  Who knows, you might be in to that.     


  1. Ah, but you have not actually put yourself in her shoes... Was the pause a gift from her husband that she hated, but was forced to carry as to not hurt his feelings? Or more likely, a misguided gift from her kids, who only think she likes bunnies, and they have this puse at the mall with a bunny on it...
    I've been there, but not to the point of dismissing any other person because of my situation. Plus, I defended Hooters to my mayor.

  2. You seriously showed restraint I personally do not own.

  3. There's nothing you can do for people like that. I know it has to suck for you, though, because you are required to try to make her happy, even though she'll make it impossible.

  4. Judging by the proud way it was both displayed and carried, it was clearly not a purse she didn't herself wish to carry.

  5. In life I have found that about 90% of the time people who don't like "you" are people who really don't like themselves.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  6. I've never met any girl with a playboy purse/T shirt/fingernail decal/anything, Playboy ANYTHING that I respect.

    I think that out of all the PORN to choose from that Playboy is by far the classiest, but it's still PORN. Who WEARS PORN? Ugh, such a sign of bad breeding.

  7. Women we all come with our own version of ourselves.You did a great job sweetie and I am sure nothing you can ever do would win her over.Women like her cannot see our beauty or hers.When I see someone who looks better than me she becomes a challenge to me to be better myself.I appreciate that God make some of beautiful so the rest of us could have a teacher:) She has insecurities like ex wives that hates the new woman..LOL

  8. Maybe she didn't have a disdain for Hooters, but was just jealous/insecure/generally hating on you? Me personally I'm fine with Hooters, NFL Cheerleaders, Pageants, etc. But I draw the line at full nudity. I don't think my line of thinking can work in reverse though. Hmm maybe she thinks it's okay for women to go full frontal, but are worthless if they're just sexy and not naked? IDK hater logic doesn't usually make much sense ;)



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