09 July 2009

The Hooters Pose Strikes Again

After posting yesterday about the dreaded Hooters pose and the corresponding affliction Hootersposeitis, I found myself on Facebook fueling my raging social networking addiction. Yes, my name is Sauce and I’ve been addicted to Facebook since 2006 (that’s right, bitches, I’m an old school Facebooker). Anyway, this isn’t about my love for perusing random photo albums and leaving witty wall posts. This is about how the Hooters pose has dominated my life and taken over my body to a point where I no longer have any control. Bring out a camera and my legs take over, wrenching me into position like I’m freaking Pinocchio before he becomes a real boy.

In my Facebook perusing, I ended up on my profile reading various wall posts. As I read a note from my dear friend Holly about setting up a lunch date I casually glanced to the left and my profile picture caught my eye. Changed a few days prior, the picture shows a friend and me standing on a street corner on an early summer evening. I may or may not be holding a sign that says “You Honk, We Drink!” just as I may or may not be slightly intoxicated (the afore mentioned theoretical sign might have been quite successful).

It really is a fabulous picture that accurately depicts the blissful debauchery of summer in Montana. What is not so fabulous is the fact that I am, obviously, standing in the cliché Hooters pose (please note the legs included for your consideration). Also not so fabulous is the fact that this picture has graced my profile for a number of days without me even realizing that my Hootersposeitis is on such glaring display. Hooters is so engrained into my body that I am oblivious to its devastatingly overbearing reach. It seems that Hooters truly has taken over my life and I will forever and always be a Hooters Girl.

P.S. If you didn’t make my legs look so good I’d be a lot angrier with you, Hooters pose. This must be a side effect of the disease.


  1. Since we're on grammar, the subject of this sentence, "the picture shows a friend and I standing on a street corner" is picture, so it should be "a friend and me". You woldn't have said "the picture shows I standing on a street corner"


  2. Thank you for pointing this out...I had it both ways but liked the sound of the way I put it better. I know it's not grammatically correct but sometimes you just gotta through caution to the wind :)

    But since it follows a post about grammar I'm gonna go ahead and change that... ;)



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