14 August 2009

Accept My Apologies and Get Over It

So apparently in my last post I lied. Ok, lets not go so far as to say lie; lets say that I was sidetracked by the call of warm weather and tanning on lakeshores. You might wonder how a girl with a 40-hour a week "Big Girl" job and a part time job at Hooters can afford to do this. In one sentence I will explain my time off from this blog and then we can all pretend I didn't leave my poor readers for a month. Sound good?

I got laid off from my office job when they could no longer afford to pay me so I made up for an utterly shitty summer by doing absolutely nothing that required thinking.

Ok, good to see you. Lets move on.

1 comment:

  1. Don't apologize... but do keeping posting. I found this blog while you were on 'hiatus' because my girlfriend had just started working at Hooters and I wanted to find out more about the job. My impression: if a Hooters girl can come out as level-headed and good-humored as your posts read, it should work out alright. I've shown a couple of your posts to my girlfriend as well. So, more is definitely appreciated!



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