22 August 2009

I Got Sidetracked. Again

So I made all these promises about posting all sorts of amazing stories and not leaving you hanging – and then I went to Jackson. Yes, because it’s summer I find myself once again avoiding responsibility and spending a few days out of town in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming. Luckily, I have a job that affords me the ability to do pretty much what I want, when I want and then come back and make up all the money I blew in a shift or two. Thank you, Hooters.

Promises aside, here I am playing tourist amidst RV driving retires and Japanese tour bus riders. If you are unfamiliar, Jackson lies at the south end of one of our most scenic National Parks, Grand Teton. If you failed geography and are unfamiliar with Grand Teton National Park it’s basically home to big, pretty mountains (observe stock photo that makes my own photography look like crap provided below). Ironically, Grand Teton means something along the lines of “big tit” in French; apparently I am unable to avoid breasts in my life. This is just my way.

You should be proud that I am taking time out of a busy schedule of boating, camping, picture taking and debauchery to let you know I shall return soon – Monday to be exact. Until then I shall enjoy doing nothing involving fried foods or nylons. Lucky me!

P.S. Hooters, Inc., please put a Hooters in Jackson, Wyoming. I realize it’s small, but tourists love that crap and spend all sorts of mindless money on useless shit. Mainly though, I’d just love to wake up somewhere this beautiful everyday. Sign me up for manager!


  1. Speaking of a similar (touristy) venue, I visited a Hooters on my way through Niagara Falls many moons ago, although the Mayor's site reports that it closed recently. But if I'm not mistaken, there is no Hooters at all in Wyoming, which is an issue in itself, and, yes, tetons, does mean something like "bit tit", so it must be the logical place to start. (I think that tetons are literally nipples in French; apparently the mountains reminded early French explorers of breasts - which seems kind of crazy, but that's the mind of men for you, I guess.)

  2. Get back to blogging


    The Peanut Gallery :-)

  3. You go on and on about grammar and then refer to "retires" in this post when everyone knows it's "retirees".

    I suppose you're going to claim it's just a typo rather than a grammar error, but this seems pretty serious to me.

    Try to do better next time.

    Other than that one glaring error that just ruins the whole presentation, I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I know that view well, I grew up in Wyoming and spent half my childhood, and a good part of my adulthood, up till now staring at those exact mountains. Being from Wyoming, for some reason I never understood, no one I know seems to like Montana or Idaho much, perhaps its a college football thing, anyway, I do like Redlodge, and have always had a soft spot for Missoula, I very nearly went to school there. Alas I ended up a Wildcat from the University of Arizona, but I do love your blog, very funny shite. Oh one last thing....a Hooters in Jackson Hole, I can imagine nothing more appropriate half of the snobbery would have strokes.



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