28 August 2009

The Strike of the Grammar Ghost

Back in July, I shared a poster featured at our local Hooters. The thing about the poster was that it prominently displayed a blatant grammatical error. If you'd like to read all about it you may do so HERE, if you are a lazy ass you can just look at the poster below.

For those to lazy to read the original post and to, um, smart to notice the error it's, "Hooters understand...blah, blah blah." Evidently whoever made this poster (a lackey at Hooters Corporate) as well as those who approved it (manager) didn't look all that closely at this stunning piece of graphic design. Whoops!

I won't spend another post ranting about this elementary mistake, rather I'll tell you about the grammar ghost. Last night while cleaning a low-top table the poster caught my eye. Prominently displayed, I began to shake my head at how proud its placement appeared, as if saying, "look at my beautiful mistake, observe all my stupid glory!" Looking closer however I realized that the error I had bemoaned had been fixed. There in black pen was a correction.

Someone had edited the poster with a simple "At" and a "we" with a carrot. While I had always found the error itself entertaining, the fact the someone had taken the time to correct the error was even funnier. It seems Hooters is inhabited with grammar ghosts armed with black pens. Thank you grammar ghosts for being smarter than the average Hooters employee, please come back anytime.


  1. I hate for my first comment on your wonderful blog to be a criticism, but I couldn't resist being my own little grammar (ok, spelling, really) ghost.

    {"we" with a carrot.}

    Actually, it is 'caret', not 'carrot'.

    I am an expert grammar ghost in my everyday life. I seem to notice the spelling and grammar errors in everyone's writing except my own. In my writing, I am oblivious to them. As my friend's mother would say, "It's a curse."

  2. Sauce, you're a great writer, but you can't bemoan "elementary grammar errors" (which in this case were probably "fixed" by Word autocorrect without the knowledge of the graphic designer) and say they were "to lazy" and "to smart" in the same post. The word should be "too".

  3. Eh, shit happens. I often post without doing enough proof reading. But for the record, this is a blog and not something published in a newspaper or displayed at a business.

    Do you never make mistake?

    Oh and since when did graphic designers use Word?



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