07 December 2011

The Death of a Taco

Just imagine all those soldiers left behind.
I’ve always snickered at people who left to-go boxes behind after eating.   How hard is to remember the leftovers from a meal you just ate?  I’ve thrown away wings and burgers and countless fried pickles.  And every time I’ve thought to myself how silly that is.  Yes, I have judged.

And then it happened, Dreamy and I enjoyed a lovely meal at one of our favorite restaurants in town.  They legitimately have the best potato soup I’ve every stuffed my face with.  This is coming from a girl who loves potato soups above all other soups; you know this shit is good.  Anyway, I’d had my soup and settled on the grilled mahi tacos for my entrée.  Of course being that is America, I was soon staring down at a plate consumed by two huge tacos.  I knew immediately I would only be able to tackle one.

That’s just what happened.  Finishing one taco, I nicely asked for a box to take the other home with me.  I loaded up my taco and Dreamy and I sat and talked for a bit.  And the taco waited.  Finally we got up to leave and made our way to the door.  I was already on my way when I’d realized the taco had been left behind.  First, I was disappointed because it was a good effing taco.  I had already planned my lunch around its deliciousness.  Second, I was disappointed because I’d spent so many shifts judging those who left behind their food.  Karma had gotten me and she was a bitch.

From this day forward I vow to no longer judge your forgetfulness.  I vow to simply remove your food from the table and mourn the loss.  I vow to remember my poor, lonely taco.  I’ll miss you, old friend.


  1. How about the idiots who leave their take out box and when you go to throw it away you find it is has not only your ketchup, hot sauce but your crab crackers in the box too!!!! Love your blog, takes me back to my seven fun filled years in orange Dolphins!

  2. Ginny, I had a similar situation once where a man from a retirement home had three sets of silverware in his to-go box. I had gone to put the rest of the fried pickles in the box - knowing he loved them - and opened it to find the silverware. I actually let him keep it. I figured if he needed it that badly back at the home he could just have them; it's not like we have fine silverware anyway!

  3. Yeah, that's something I'd do--leaving the to-go box behind. But that's because I'm old and terribly forgetful. And I don't usually leave enough to make a to-go box worthwhile.



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