18 December 2011

Paychecks or Piercings

When training, sometimes things just don’t work out.  You’ll have a girl who comes in and almost from the beginning you can tell she won’t last long.  The fact of the matter is that some girls just aren’t cut out to be Hooters Girls.  Usually girls will make it through training and few shifts and then they’ll simply stop showing up.  Or there are the times when they don’t make it through training at all.  Either way it’s an awful lot of wasted effort for everyone involved.

Our last trainee had a hard time from the beginning.  In fact she had such a hard time that she only lasted one training shift.  Yes, only shift.  Now generally this wouldn’t really be blogworthy.  After all, this is isn’t the first time a girl has quit so quickly.  This time it wasn’t the outcome that was so surprising, but rather the reason.

She didn’t quit because it was hard or she was uncomfortable or she was overwhelmed.  She quit over a facial piercing and her recently manicured fingers.  Seriously.

I think I like her makeup best.  CREDIT.
Hooters has a rather strict policy on the way you present yourself at work.  This includes no facial piercings and French manicures only among a myriad of other things.  This trainee had a lip ring and a set of deep red nails.  Upon arriving for her first shift, she was told she’d have to remove her lip ring and that she’d also have to change her nails within the next few days due to Hooters’ image policies – policies she’d been made aware of when hired.

“But I haven’t taken my lip ring out in like two years!”

“I just got my nails done yesterday!”

She hemmed and hawed and complained and finally begrudgingly took out her lip ring.  She went through her shift and that’s the last we saw her.  So a manager called inquiring as to her missing her second training shift.  It was at this time she informed the manager she didn’t want to take out her lip ring for a job.  She’d take the jewelry over a paycheck.

Now I realize that Hooters is strict when it comes to image, but most restaurants – and even many other jobs in general – have a similar policy when it comes to facial piercings.  Hooters is definitely in the majority as far as not allowing metal all up in your business.  I mean I have a nose piercing and I’ve never thought twice about taking that shit out and getting my ass to work.  Call me crazy, but I’d much rather have a job than a bedazzled face.  If you don’t have income how do you expect to buy that cubic zirconia lip stud you’ve had your eye on?

All I know is that this little lady is probably going to have a rude awakening when she goes to apply for her next job and – nine times out of ten – they ask her remove her lip ring.  This is the real world and the real world doesn’t like metal faces.  It’s sad, but oh so true.  I have the hole in my left nostril to prove it.


  1. Yeah, it's definitely a question of priorities. Hopefully she'll find herself a job where it isn't an issue. Good luck with that . . .

  2. She must've thought that once she got her foot in the door that it wouldn't be an issue. People are so spoiled these days that they expect everyone and everything to accomodate their choices and they'll actually just sit there and nod and consent to anything that you tell them thinking that it doesn't really apply to them.

    A lip ring is tough though, that's not a very friendly-looking piercing. I have a microscopic stud in my NOSE which is pretty socially acceptable since there's a lot more cultural prevalence for nose-piercing. I'm fortunate enough that I act like enough of a professional that it's never been an issue but I wouldn't be surprised if I was asked to take it out, and if I was told that the expectation was that I take it out upon confirmation of employment I sure as fuck wouldn't waste their time by showing up with no intention of complying.

  3. most restaurants now allow a nose stud or lip stud. it's not the early 90's :P

  4. I guess things are different in Montana - where the early 90s are likely still around. I've worked a few places were my nose stud was allowed, and more were it wasn't, but never worked where a lip piercing was allowed. Maybe that's a little unfair, but my basica premise still stands, why pick a piercing that can be taken out and put back in over a job? Especially when you knew the policy upon being hired. Thats the part I don't get and don't agree with.

  5. Some people are just destined to be Bikini Baristas far longer than they should be.

  6. I was working as a cook for a while. I like to keep hair on my face, as I hate the way I look without it, but rules were no facial hair. Off it went while I was working there.
    As far as piercings go, if you want to keep it despite a workplace's regulations, you can get keepers that are virtually invisible - my septum is pierced to a 2 gauge, and most people have no idea. If this girl had her lip piercing for 2 years, she likely could easily remove it before shift, hit it with some concealer, and simply replaced it after shift.

  7. Exactly, MM! I can leave my nose unadorned for days upon end with no issue. Who knows, maybe there was something else behind it all.



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