20 February 2012

Receipt Art: Because I Got Called Out

Because I love my readers, when Confessions of A Hairdresser from Hair Raising Hell said the following in response to my last post I couldn't just ignore that shit: 
I, personally, happen to be hoping for the return of a receipt art from hiatus. Receipt art is one of my few simple pleasures that I look forward to on the internet.  
I hope for something with a palm tree, and perhaps a sexy Hawaiin lady or two. Something to beat the winter blues...
So here you go, Hairdresser.  I missed the palm tree, but I nailed the crap out of that sexy Hawaiian hula lady.  In fact I think she's pretty damn adorable.

She'll hula right into your heart.

So thank you for inspiring me to be more awesome.  I owe ya one.


  1. Woo-hoo! Receipt art is always a winner! So glad it's back!

  2. Oh SNAP! Thanks gorgeous, my week has been made, and my month has been made! That's some sexy shit right there!

  3. Receipt Art makes me all around just happy. How can your lips not automatically turn up after gazing upon that magnificence? Please, continue to add your creative happiness to the World.



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