27 February 2012

Receipt Art: February 25, 2012

This is Montana and Montana can be cold as shit - though this winter has actually been unseasonably warm for the most part.  Even the owls need to bundle up and get out the scarves and earmuffs.  Ok, so I'm actually full of shit.  Owls are animals and animals suck it up and deal with things like weather.  Luckily, receipt art owls do whatever I want them to do.  That's how all this happened.

Yup, I think he's pretty adorable.  The only part I don't find so adorable is the fact that his scarf is blowing the opposite direction of my cute wind swirlies.  Must be one of those fake wire situations like they did with the flag that's on the moon.  Whatever.


  1. I love your new banner! And your owl is adorable. :)

  2. Hooray! I'm always down for some receipt art! Love the wintry owl.

  3. I love your new banner too, it's AWESOME!! I've always loved that hot-pepper saddling pin-up sweetie, so I'm glad to see her on your page. She's so much more "you" than that pastel blue.

    I will admit though, secretly I was hoping the changing of of your relationship with wings&things would bring out some more girl and guitar....

    Incidentally, all this recent receipt art has left me feeling BLESSED.

    1. Well pastel blue (specifically Marie Antoinette blue) is my favorite ;)

      As far as topics, I'd hoped to discuss more "me" as well, but my life is so hectic, that hasn't really worked out. I think I might actually try and schedule blogging time into my planner - but no guarantees! All I know is I'm pretty sad about how I've been forced to neglect "According to Sauce" a little. Damn life just getting in the way of me being awesome!

  4. I hope you are ok sauce. I hope you're just really busy being awesome.

  5. Nice. Most of you lovely ladies are really lucky. I get the occasional phone number or red lipstick art. But for the most part, I get ugly FU comments instead of lovely art - sigh...



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