07 February 2012

Shoes For Crews and a GIVEAWAY

February is awesome.  This awesomeness comes from the fact that it features a holiday celebrating chocolate – whether you’re single or not in my opinion – and because February marks my birthday.  So basically February is a month of sugary goodness for Sauce.  Happy girl.

So since I get presents this month (all I could think of to ask for was workout clothes – seriously), I figure it’s fair to start February with a giveaway.  That way you can get presents too!  Only you have to work for yours.  I mean I’m nice, but not THAT nice.

Initially not impressed.
Recently, I was approached by Shoes For Crews to review their products.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how cheap I am, certainly cheap enough to jump on any opportunity that includes the word free.  So I checked out the site - which features a crazy wide selection of slip resistant work shoes - and decided on a sweet pair of Old School Low-Riders in white.

I picked the Low-Riders because they were the cutest thing on the website.  While I would have preferred to order something I could wear on the floor at Hooters, the strict uniform policy wouldn’t allow me to do so.  So I ordered the shoes and waited.

Shipping was fast, but when my shoes got here my first reaction was that the packaging was janky as shit.  Actually it wasn’t so much packaging as the shoebox simply taped shut and put in the mail.  Not initially impressed.  But I gave the shoes a chance, opened the box and legitimately fell in love as soon as I put them on my feet.  In fact I liked them so much initially that I quickly decided the shipping was not simply janky, but rather environmentally conscious.  It’s all about perception.

Then I put the shoes to the test.  I picked up a casino attendant shift at work – where we wear black slacks, t-shirts and any shoes we want – and laced up my new shoes.  To give you a little side information, our casino features a tile floor that is perhaps the most slippery surface in the world.  Even the smallest puddle can make you eat shit on that floor.  So I did the best test I could think of and spilled water all over the tile so I could run into it.  I was a workmen’s comp nightmare.

My shoes lookin' all good.
I spilled the water, I backed up and I ran.  And I ran right through.  It was like Jesus walking on water; I had done the impossible.  After that it didn’t matter that my feet were happy the whole eight hours I was standing on them, I was already impressed.

For the record, I was fully prepared to hate these shoes.  The packaging sucked and frankly I picked a style that, in other brands, is known to be uncomfortable.  But it turns out I totally love them and see myself wearing them both inside and outside of work.  The look really cute with skinny jeans, like a non-slip hipster.

Since I’m a convert, I’m also here to convert you!  I have FOUR pairs of these babies to give to my readers.  I’ll be likely giving them away a few different ways, but here’s what you can do for the first two:

Show me why you need new shoes.  Email a picture – or upload one on my Facebook – of your current shoes.  Also feel free to leave a compelling plea for why you really need a new pair of kicks.  An esteemed panel of judges (me, Dreamy, Ariel, my sister) will pick two winners.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 10 at 11:59 PM MST


  1. I had those exact same brand of shoes for a job I used to have, just in the ugliest nastiest black tenni that could be thought up. I HATED them...they ruined my ankles, they literally looked like softballs. I had to quit because of that problem, they wouldnt let me change them for something else.

    id give them an awful review just based on that. haha.

  2. Nice idea! I'm sure my feet are WAY too big for them but I'll be letting other people know about it--I'm sure one or two of my friends may decide to enter.

  3. I've used Shoes for Crews at work for a couple years, and have generally been impressed with them. Though the Low Rider ones I think fall apart a touch faster than some, they still last a long time for the price, and are designed to remain comfortable during 8 hour shifts where you don't get to sit down. Like!

  4. I'd love to enter the competition but since I hail from the far reaches of Europe that might prove to be a bit difficult. :P Nonetheless, I'll give it a go and see if I can make something of it.



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