22 February 2012


I'm on highway 27, bitches.  CREDIT.
Tomorrow is February 23rd.  Or depending on when you’re reading this, today is February 23rd.  Either way, this means I am turning a year older.  Like women tend to do, I already had my breakdown.  Driving around with Dreamy unsuccessfully searching for an outfit to “make me feel pretty,” I broke into tears as I navigated from the mall to my favorite local boutique.  It was classic “women turning twenty-seven.”  It was inevitably horrible it seemed.

I went through all the usual feelings amidst my sobs.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  I had no direction.  I was the oldest Hooters Girl trying to keep up with girls who couldn’t even legally have a drink yet.  My high school friends were all married and having babies and decorating fabulous little starter homes.  I was just an old, unmarried waitress well on my way to being a cat lady.

Now the point of all this isn’t to show you how sorry I’m feeling for myself.  What’s it’s really about is that I had my moment and proceeded to get over it.  Yup, I cried.  Actually, I bawled in a way that was anything but attractive.  But I also realized how ridiculous I was being.  I realized that though I’ll be older, I will not be old.

Yes, I’ll be turning twenty-seven, but at twenty-eight I’ll have an MBA.  I’m also in the best shape of my life, not because I’m eighteen and have a metabolism that is on fire, but because I work my ass off and take great care of myself.  Yes, I’m almost twenty-seven, but I am dedicated, motivated and going places.  I just don’t know where those places are yet.

But you know what?  I’m pretty excited to find out.


  1. Inspirational! Yes, have your moment, feel sorry for yourself, then move on. I'll be hitting Highway 50 myself, this year--though according to the Mayan calendar the world will end on the eve of the day that happens. I don't know if I'm hoping that they Mayans were right or wrong!

  2. Woah, tomorrow is my 21st birthday! Kind of a somber day for me (as I hoped to achieve my tacky dream of being a HG by now)but I'll live. I still hold out hope that in 5 years I'll be hootering myself through my MBA :)

  3. Aaaawww Happy Birthday Sauce! Have a blessed day xxx

  4. Not gonna lie. I greeted 27 (just a month ago) with the typical, 'it's just a birthday' blase at first attitude. Then, after the boy had left the house, I decided to treat myself to a nice, hot bath... where I promptly broke down and started crying hysterically. What is it about this age that makes us neurotic? or worried? A month in, it feels surreal, that I ever cried over a birthday. But I know what it means: thirty, and kids, and marriage, and being an adult is no longer YEARS away, years that I get to spend acting like and ass and drinking too much, and thinking that my big break is just moments away. I don't know. I feel more settled now, more adult, more worried about laundry, and finding a nice grill for the deck, and looking at local nursery schools, than ever before, but it feels... okay. I'm okay. And you'll be okay. But I just wanted you to know... I know what you're feeling. And it's scary.

  5. Happy Birthday Sauce. I'm 26. I still look back on my life every year and say "What have I accomplished this year?" The answer nine times out of ten...I Survived another year...So that's another year my friends and family have for themselves to enjoy my awesome company...and 2. I didn't murder anyone this year (Though LAWD there have been times :D) So I'm not in jail. I'm always thankful for that. Everything else just kinda falls into place after that...family and friends. That's what it's all about.

    Sean Vantuyl

  6. Happy Birthday Sauce.

  7. Happy Birthday from Tales From A Bar!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    This will make you smile for sure!
    (I know I did after reading it) :)

  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annedehaas/3250144355/

    Duh,...(that should explain enough)

  10. Hey lady,

    Could be worse. You could be a fortysomething college student! LOL

    We share a birthday today. Take good care of yourself, and don't worry-- you're not going to end up a cat lady. MBAs don't become cat ladies-- they become local luminaries. ;)

  11. Oh, you're a day after me! Happy birthday!!

    I definitely have cried every year since I turned 21, I don't know what I'll do when I hit 30.

  12. Thanks for all the love, friendies. I feel special :)

  13. THANK GOD it's not just me! I had my 27th on Feb 12 and went though all the same emotions as you and I just thought I was slowly going crazy! Thanks for informing me It's not just me, and it must be something about 27!



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