09 February 2012


We had some snow here recently.  In fact, we had enough snow that the county declared a snow day.  Schools were closed for two days straight.  To put this in prospective, I've spent the entirety of my educational career in Montana school systems and never ONCE had a snow day.  I've seen more snow than I know what to do with, but none of it kept me from school.  This is Montana and that's just the way it is.
Now where did I leave that bike again?

Of course Hooters wasn't closed.  Snow may stop school, but it doesn't stop wings.  We're like the U.S. Postal Service only with different uniforms and alcohol.  Snow or more snow Hooters doesn't give a shit.

So enjoy these pictures of the snow.  These were taken at about the halfway point of the storm on a night of "totally sober" fun.  That's the beauty of living three blocks from downtown, you can go out when cars have been asked to stay off the road.  I call that appropriate planning.  By the way, blizzards don't keep bars closed either.  That's some valuable knowledge, my friends.

Normally a busy, main street.
Shit happens in the snow.

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  1. Beautiful pix, Sauce! And you can keep all that snow up there.

  2. I'm actually a little jealous.

    We usually get snow here (enough to accumulate) once or twice in January, sometimes February. Allegedly it's going to hit this weekend, but that's only if believe the weather man.
    No one believes the weather man.

  3. Yeah, I never got to miss school cause of snow either. Hurricanes on the other hand...



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