12 July 2010

Call Me Crafty

Hello there, world.  No, I'm not dead.  Obviously.  Now I could use this next sentence to begin a post listing a multitude of excuses that caused me to neglect my little blog, but that collection of rambling paragraphs would fiercely boring.  Let's just simplify, make a little list and get the eff over it.

1.   Summer finally came to Montana complete with sun and heat and riding on boats.
2.   I made the state final of a big music competition that I'd rather not discuss because blogging jinxes my life.  Seriously.
3.   I lost my creative mojo and had no drive to find it.
4.   I was majorly turned off by the whole K.H. suckfest in which my comments were taken out of context regarding her comments taken out of context.  Fuck context.

With that out of the way, lets just jump into a real post and get over it.

Yesterday, my motherland was in the World Cup Final.  Yes, I realize you're all sick of soccer and sick of hearing people pretend they like soccer and sick of those horn things that get blown at soccer.  But some of us actually like soccer.  I mean the U.S. liking soccer and its sudden popularity is clearly a lie - no offense ESPN - but the rest of the world actually, legitimately, wholeheartedly loves soccer.  And the Dutch half of me represents that international love for soccer.

If you're behind the times a smidge, I am a Dutch citizen as well as an American citizen due to my Dad.  That's right, he's not American.  He has a Green Card.  And an accent.  It's awesome.  Anyhooters, this year The Netherlands actually made the final of the World Cup for the first time since 1978.  This is a big deal.  I mean my Dad even bought a Heineken Mini Keg for the event and he's usually a beer-on-sale kind of shopper; he takes the whole frugal Dutch stereotype to heart.

To celebrate this epic event I dressed up my uniform a little at work.  And by dressed up I mean I looked like a total freak (with preapproval from my manager of course).  This was very Dutch of me because Dutch people are quite possibly the most insane soccer fans in manor of dress.  Luckily, the Dutch royal color is orange.  Hooters is orange.  Match made in heaven.  So naturally I had on as much orange as possible: leis, bobble headband, socks, beads.  Basically it was awesome.

Please enjoy selections of my outfit:

In addition to these items, I sported some soccerlicious pins that I made just for the event.  Yes, I made them and they were an insane hit.  I would now like to note that even at age twenty-five Shrinky Dinks are still epically fun.  There is just something about sitting in front of an oven and watching the plastic curl all up and come out little.  It's the simple things in life I suppose.  Here are the pins I made.  What's the blue you say?  I wore blue suspenders too.  Yes, I'm that cool.

After making the pins, everyone wanted one.  I've always been the craft girl at Hooters, but suddenly I was the craft girl in demand.  So here is the first pin I had commissioned before and after shrinking.

Yes, a Hooters Girl on a hot dog for one of our cooks.  He didn't actually request the hot dog.  That was all me.  I tried her on a wing, but that looked weird.  Luckily, there is something hilarious about a hottie riding a cased meat product.  I love subtle innuendo.

Oh and the Dutch lost.  Effing Spain.


  1. Love the pins!! Your very artistic! I have an odd question. I'm not sure if you girls at Hooters get asked alot or not. Do you use sunless tanning lotions or do you tan in the bed? I was curious because you gals always have super flawless skin and i wanna it! lol Lata love!

  2. Welcome back, we missed you, and I must say you really do love your job, and you are a great pin maker!

  3. LOVE IT! Way to represent....I wish the Hooters girls around here were as nice and fun as I think you are.

  4. A lot of the girls I work with tan in tanning beds but not all do. I personally don't because I've already had a bit of a run-in with that sweet thing called skin cancer. I have gotten a few spray tans, but I have pretty olive skin so I guess I'm just lucky.

    Mostly I think nice skin comes from moisture, moisture, moisture! Good lotion and exfoliation is a must!



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