16 July 2010

Receipt Art: July 16, 2010

Don't worry, I'm still drawing epic receipt masterpieces.  This one features a cow jumping over the moon.  How Mother Goose of me!   

I also drew one today for a kid on his way to the national high school rodeo finals.  He's a bull rider and I drew a most stunning portrait of him.  Clearly it involved him riding a bull and getting a score of 1,000,000.  He took the receipt for good luck after I showed him my epic skill at bar stool riding.  He's clearly going to channel me at the championship.  


  1. Now that's cute. And worth saving!

  2. National High School Finals this year are in Gillette Wyoming. Good luck to all.

  3. Im a rodeo rider myself, I barrel Race not ride bulls. lol But i know plenty of guys that do. I love your receipt art and look forward to future drawings! :-)

  4. Love it you are so great at what you do, it must put a smile on all your customers faces.



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