28 July 2010

Sauce Gets Receipt Arted

Yes, I realized "arted" isn't a word.  Whatever, this is my blog.  I do what I effing want.

After well over six months of creating receipt masterpieces someone finally decided to return the favor and make my day.  And you know, I really mean that.  Getting this little drawing truly did make my day.  I can now imagine the warm fuzzies my artworks must bring to the world.  You're welcome, Hooters guests, you're welcome.

Just look at the little bit of joy John Blankyblank left me.  Yes, he also left me a nice little thirty precent tip, but I promise as much I loved that I loved the picture even more.  There we are, John and I, holding our little love heart proudly between us.  I can only assume that sizable mansion is our country estate.  It's all very "Pride and Prejudice."  I mean the end part where everyone is happy and married to rich dudes out of their station.  That's what I call pure Elizabethan joy.

Thanks for making my day, John Blankyblank.  Our love rings on.  Lets get married on top of a mountain.


  1. Boyfriend candidate or just random creative customer flirter?

  2. The fact that he drew art back is really cool. =:D

  3. Interesting... I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

  4. I'd say more like random creative customer flirter based on the fact that it's a cute picture and not a phone number haha.

  5. Wow this is such a fantastic idea. I'm a cashier too and try to incorporate little things like this, but the furthest I've taken is drawing a small face on a few rain checks.

    I'm totally stealing your receipt art.

  6. Aw I love your art! I always doodle happy notes on my receipt when I like my server :)



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