13 July 2010

A Twin Tower Tale: Weedalicious

Recently, Twin Tower had a nice little section of booths in the front of the restaurant.  Now by nice little section of booths I really mean the annoying section that is hidden behind an effing half-wall so you can never be totally sure if anyone has actually sat themselves there.  Luckily she - like myself - is tall and noticed two earthy gentlemen pick the middle booth of her section.

Approaching the table, Twin Tower noticed several things.  First, she noticed just how "earthy" they were in the visual sense.  Chacos, dreads, threadbare t-shirts, scruff neards (neard = neck beard).  I'm sure you can picture exactly what I mean.  Getting closer, the next thing Twin Tower noticed was the earthy smell - a combination of ganga and B.O. that screams "I fight the system and tell my friends I only eat organic."

Twin Tower:  "Hi, guys!  Welcome to Hooters!"

*BLAH, BLAH.  Usual niceties.  "We have coke products."  Coors Light.  Name on a napkin. BLAH*

Twin Tower:  "So what have you guys been up to lately?"

Dude 1:  "Oh you know, just growin' lots of weed."

Dude 2:  "Yeah, tons of weed."

After processing and realizing both Dude 1 and Dude 2 were totally serious and shaking off what I imagine to be the blankest of blank looks of her face, Twin Tower took it all in stride.

Twin Tower:  "Thats...nice.  Good for you?  I mean, drugs personally scare me but I'm sure that's...lucrative for you."

They both nodded in approval as Twin Tower excused herself from the table.  Coming up to me, Twin Tower recounted her discourse with the table.  Ah, the beauty of Missoula, Montana and the legalization of medical marijuana.  I explained as much as I could.

Twin Tower:  "All this makes me miss Northern Idaho."

Sauce:  "Why?  So you can buy Meth out of the back of trailer?"

Twin Tower:  "Good point."

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