27 September 2010

Is That Bear Really a Wolf?

I just noticed that the picture I randomly stole off the Internet in my "To Working Doubles" post makes absolutely no sense in any way shape or from.  Let us explore.

The words seem to make sense even if they are marginally lame.  Wait are we talking about bears and looking at a wolves?  Yup, that certainly seems to be the case.  It makes me wonder if the artist of this fine creation was trying to say something deeper - as if they are mad as a wolf when asked to work a double - or if they just really don't know what a bear looks like.  I've decided on the latter.  This is just a hunch.

News flash, that is certainly not a bear.  I'm from Montana.  We have bears and wolves and other wild things just roaming around.  This makes me an expert on all thing wildernessy and in my expert opinion that is most certainly a wolf.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe it's a bear in disguise. 

Ah the things I contemplate when I can't sleep.  My mind amazes me and frightens me all at once.


  1. I thought it was a wolf that had been bitten by a bear. So he's a werebear . . . wolf . . . something like that. This was a *lot* funnier in my head. Really.

  2. It's courage wolf. Everything he says is something a badass would say, and he will help you achieve greatness.


    One of my favorites: http://knowyourmeme.com/i/000/052/037/original/Couragewolf.jpg?1275364808

  3. Why thank you, fuckmytable. I get it now. I still however think it was a poor choice of wording. But that's just me!

  4. Oh, I agree. I just wanted to explain the wolf/bear thing. :)



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