10 September 2010

Things to Come

So I'm sure lots of you are wondering if I got lost in North Dakota.  No, I didn't get lost.  That would impossible because as I was recently told, "you could watch your dog run away for a week in NoDak."  True story.  I didn't get lost.  I just got sidetracked.

You see, big things are happening to this little blog and I've been a little busy tending to things to come.  Yes, I am being vague.  Yes, I realize that is probably annoying.  Yes, there really are big things happening but as of yet I'm not quite ready to let you all in them.  Just know that I am pretty excited about it and I think that lots of you will be too.  So stick with me here.

I promise that posting will now go back to it's more regular schedule.  I'm sure you were worried.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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