07 June 2011

Compliments Accepted

Obviously I enjoy a good tip to compliment my service.  I won't sugarcoat, I like money.  And in the world of food service more money usual means I'm doing a better job.  But honestly, as wonderful as 20% or more is, it's nice to sometimes actually get a legitimate compliment.  You know something that actually confirms that I'm doing my job and doing my job well besides the customary tip.  It just makes you feel confident and good and happy.

That's why I like finding notes like this at my table.  It might not happen often, but when it does I totally adore it.  Not only did you appreciate my service, you appreciated it so much that you took the time to let me know.  And that in turn makes me appreciate you appreciating me.  That's an awful lot of appreciating going on.

I am amazed on the courtesy, the upbeat and downright friendly servers.  Whoever is responsible for hiring is to be commended not to mention the great servers.

That was so flattering that I can totally forgive the awkward grammar.  A note like that on the back of a receipt can really mean a lot in the middle of a busy Friday night shift.  I love my job and I like to think I do it well, it's just reassuring to have confirmation.  I mean it's easy for me to think I'm doing a good job.  What's not always so easy is to have someone actually tell me that I do a good job.  That takes some thought and effort.  And it means a lot.

So next time your server goes above and beyond and/or knocks your socks off, think about taking the time to let him or her know that you appreciated it.  As servers we deal with A LOT of douches - your kinds words certainly won't go unnoticed amidst all that douchebaggery.  You might even make someone's day.  And making days is totally awesome.


  1. I never understood why people don't get that it is easier [and more fun!] to give a kind word then a mean one.

    That is a great note and completely deserved. It is clear from your blog that you love your job and I am sure it shows everyday that you go to work.

  2. Good advice, but there's probably both a right and a wrong way to go about this, especially if you're a male patron at Hooters - it could come off the wrong way, even if unintentionally. Also, some people are just uncomfortable about getting compliments in general. But I definitely support the overall sentiment of the post.

  3. Completely get where your coming from, I also work in the food service, and in the last month got threatened and all so yes as you said there are a lot of douchebags out there, but appreciation goes a very long way, even a simple thank you keeps me happy :)



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