22 June 2011

Towel Creep

Creepers are everywhere.  Especially at Hooters Pageants.  Take yesterday for example, deciding to lay out for a bit and bake in the sun, a contestant and me were enjoying a pleasant conversation about the joys of natural boobs.  Basically we were discussing all the ways we could make ours appear bigger.  Being around countless augmented women, this is a hot topic for us few natural pageant attendees.  Hooters and boob talk – it just makes sense.

We were just beginning to discuss the downfalls of the double bra when my companion decided it was time to flip.  Turning over, she had just enough time to note the pot-bellied man behind us snapping a few choice cellphone shots.  It was fairly obvious that he had been enjoying the view.  I imagine his phone was just brimming with ass pictures of the two of us.  His spank bank was probably full.

About as soon as we noticed, the man got up and walked away.  This meant we didn’t have to move, which had been our plan, to avoid the creep.  We flipped over and continued sunbathing as we moved on to using bronzer to highlight cleavage.

Then he came back.

“I havea make a nortice zat you havea sweatz.  It ver hot zo I bring toweeel vor you gerlz.”  Please note that he was foreign.

There he was letting us know that he had notice us sweating in the 90-degree heat and decided to bring us towels.  Of course we already had towels.  That took the whole thing to the next level of creepy.  We attempted thanks while pointing to the towels we already had, but he simply continued to stand there and hold the towels at arm’s length expectantly.  Finally we just took them.  And decided a walk to the beach sounded really nice.


P.S.  Figure your shit out, Photo Uploader.  I'm trying to break up this text shit here!


  1. Gross. Guys like that give the rest of us pervs a bad name. Or a worse name, I should say.

  2. Creepy indeed. But luckily all he did was give you a towel.

  3. I live in Miami, men like that are all over the place.

  4. I'm a big fan of Hooters, and also a big fan of hooters, as well big fan of big hooters at Hooters. That being said, I am not, however, a big fan of big fake hooters. I'm sorry that the Hooters pageant goes in that direction, especially since I don't think that most actual Hooter girls do at all (at least from what I've seen). You don't need 'em to look good, ladies.

  5. Sounds like you needed to set your mister bottle to stream and treat him like an annoying cat. Of course, if you forget to set it back to mist you're on for a surprise...



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