07 June 2011

Sunday Rocked Me Like a Hurricane

My Sunday was not happy or
go huggy.  CREDIT.
I'd only had three tables in two hours on Sunday and the floor still hadn't been cut.  Needless to say the whole thing was making me entirely frustrated.  I wanted to stay all day and of course I wanted to make money - I was doing the former, but the latter was proving impossible.  There is almost nothing worse than when we are slow and the manager doesn't make cuts.  Usually this is because he or she is doing something that leaves them mildly ignoring the floor.  In this case, our manager was completing the schedule leaving us totally overstaffed out front.

While I wanted to stay, as well as a new hire on her second day alone on the floor, the other three girls wanted desperately to go home to do whatever one does on one of the few warm, sunny days we've had.  Having made less than twenty dollars I was all for each and every one of them leaving.  After all it was slow as shit.  I could easily handle the floor with a brand new, never served before Hooters Girl as my only backup.  So I marched into the office, laid down the situation and requested the floor be cut.  And it was.  Life was good.

Well life was good until about ten minutes after the other three girls had gone home when everyone suddenly decided to come into Hooters in an awkward 1:30 rush.  Suddenly I went from having three tables in two hours to having ten all at the same time.  Of course to make things even more interesting six of the ten had five or more (the largest having ten) people in their party.  Shit got real in a hurry.

There I was juggling tables like a freaking pro.  I was running drinks, slinging orders, refilling drinks, greeting guests, running food, refilling more drinks and doing so in excellent time.  I was on a roll.  Meanwhile our poor new girl had four tables and I'm pretty sure her little head was about to explode.  I helped her as much as I could - answer questions, helping her ring in food - but with so many of my own tables I pretty much had to throw her into the deep end and hope she could tread water without almost drowning.

I didn't even have the time to feel bad for her.  I'd made the decision to cut and here I was getting my "I want to be busy" wish.  The world seemed to be attempting to teach me a lesson, but it didn't take into account that I can multitask like a mofo.  Plus all my guests were those rare, totally awesome people who actually understand when you're busy.  Out of all those tables I didn't have one bitch.  That, my friends, is a serving miracle.

"Sorry I had to make you guys wait a minute.  We weren't really expecting this so it's just me and a server who's only on her second shift.  I really appreciate you being patient with us today!"

"Oh that's total fine.  We understand!"

Wait.  You understand?  Who are you and why are you making my busy ass life so awesome?  Have I mentioned I'm head-over-heels in love with you?  Yup.  I love you.

Sunday I ran my ass of.  But my "I'm poor as shit because I'm moving this month" back account reaped the benefits.  I'd like to thank my customers for being actual human beings and exhibiting that rare trait we call compassion.  You all have good karma coming your way.  And if you read this blog faithfully you know I don't wish that on people very often.  Lucky you.


  1. A couple of things...first, it's always great when you have understanding customers (they are out there)...second, even though it was only the second shift that the other server had worked, sometimes it is good to just jump in head first and find out what you are made of. It sounds like you both got the job done. Good for you!

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  2. Heh. Welcome to *my* world! Glad it worked out so your nerves didn't get stretched to the limit!

  3. Oh how diviiiiiiiiiine!!

    It's because your bank account was thirsty... ...the universe PROVIDES!!



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