03 June 2011

June = Awesome in the Life of Sauce

June has never been very modest.  Even in '51.  CREDIT.
Sometimes you have those days when you wake up and things seem to be going really freaking well.  Everything is happening the way it should and shit is just awesome.  Well as of June first, that's pretty much how this whole month seems to be shaping up for me.  Yes, the forecast for my month of June seems to be sunny with a 90% chance of total baddassness.  It may be rainy and cold in real life, but my June is so totally legit I can ignore that.  That's how high June's wonderful quotient is.  I am already loving these thirty sweet days.

I started my June by finding a new place to live that isn't smaller than most celebrity - or even some rich normal people - closets.  After a year and half of paying way too much money for way too little space I am finally going to call a real apartment home.  An apartment with real rooms and doors separating those real rooms.  I won't be able to touch my oven from my bed.  Not mad about it.  I'll be in a cute little apartment with character that just so happens to be three blocks from downtown and three blocks from campus.  I call that perfection.  

But what makes of this even more exciting is that I wasn't just apartment hunting for me, I was apartment hunting for my sister who currently lives 5,000 miles away in Amsterdam.  Did I mention that my sister lives in Amsterdam currently?  Well she totally does.  That's how cool and international my family is.  Unfortunately there is nothing cool about international apartment hunting for someone who can be picky as shit.  That is hard as hell.  Finding this place - that I get to move into on the eleventh - ends an arduous two month search that had to meet approval from half way around the world.  Now here's hoping she actually likes it when she moves back in August.  I'm already in love.

Beyond the apartment, I'm just feeling really good about my life.  I've been working out more than my usual half-assery and decided that I shouldn't waste my 6:00 am workouts by eating the way I usually do (healthy with an extra healthy dose of "I'll cheat with this huge burger because I'm drinking copious amounts of alcohol later").  The exclusion of alcohol and eating immaculately 100% of the time has put me in the best shape I've been in since college track.  I'm finally seeing real results and am amazed about how good my body feels.  All I did was make a few rather small changes and my body is finally thanking me after nearly two months.  Just in time for bikinis.  You have impeccable timing, body.

The most important part of why my June is going to be extra awesome has nothing to do with my new living situation or my physical fitness.  Most awesomely, I'll be leaving for Miami in two weeks.  On June eighteenth, I leave to spend nine marvelous days in Florida.  But this isn't a simple vacation.  Hooters is sending me to the International Swimsuit Pageant.

Now before you get all excited and jump to the conclusion that I'm competing, let me tell you that is not the case.  Instead, I'll be a Hooters Girl correspondent of sorts conducting interviews, attending events, doing some PR and of course giving all of you a behind the scenes look at the Pageant.  Now to my knowledge, I am the first girl being given an opportunity like this.  That's pretty amazing.  Of all the thousands and thousands of Hooters Girls around the world, I get to have a Hooters first.  I am downright ecstatic.  And downright ready to parlay this opportunity into a corporate position one day.  Seriously.  That's what I want for my future.  I clearly love Hooters.

So that's why my June is going to be awesome.  Add all that to the fact that I start my first grad school class right after I get back - which I'm also very excited about because I'm a super nerd - and this month is pretty much perfect.  If I could round it out with buying a winning Powerball ticket I'd have the best month of my life on my hands.  I should probably run to the gas station now and buy a handful of quick picks.


  1. Wow! Congratulations, Sauce! That *is* impressive! My June is shaping up to be pretty decent, too--my best friend and my goddaughter are coming to visit in a couple weeks (they live in California, I'm in Georgia--it's been a year and a half). And I might--*might*, mind you---have a huge and impossible dream realized in the near future. Anyways, so happy for you, lady--more good things are in store for you!

  2. Sauce, what exercises do you do? I wanna look Hooterific too!

  3. Sasha, I do an hour of circuit training five days a week as well as 30 - 45 minutes of cardio. The circuit training consists of exercises (mostly light free weights, resistance bands and plyometrics) targeting a few muscle groups moving from exercise to exercise with little to no rest. Each day is a different muscle group. I do this through a "boot camp" and highly suggest you look into boot camps in your area as they're incredibly motivating and produce good results. I started the cardio as a way to reduce soreness, but as I love running it easily became somewhat addicting and has become a big part of my exercise routine.

    Honestly though, losing weight (or increasing muscle tone) is mostly about eating well. Yes, you do need the exercise, but 70% is diet. That's no joke. I eat VERY healthily and rarely have cheat days. At first that was really hard for me, but I've really made a lifestyle change. It's not a diet, it's a new way of eating and my body has really thrived on it.

  4. Congrats! sounds like your summer is starting out with a bang!

  5. Sauce, congrats! :D I am so excited for you. I know a girl going to the Pageant, and I'll have to ask her what it was like being interviewed by the world-famous Sauce! I'm very inspired by how you turned Hooters into so much more than waiting tables. You are succeeding and thriving in so many ways!


    I'm so excited or you, SO EXCITED!! I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling great and going overseas for work?!?!? That is absolutely THRILLING! And to be chosen to be a correspondant when you could just as easily have been chosen to strut in a swimsuit? That's AMAZING!

    I feel a little bit of excitement adrenaline just thinking about your abulous summer ahead!
    Congratulations again, you work so hard at absolutely you do, wether it's serving, competing, helping people have fun when they're with you, writing, making Halloween costumes... ...even folding napkins and just making people feel special by turning receips into art.
    I'm so proud of the way that you put so much out into the world, and it thrills me that so much good is happening in your life!

  7. Congratulations to you on the correspondence gig for Hooters! You have certainly proven yourself with your blog. Have a great time in Miami and have a stellar June!

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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