01 August 2011

Karma is a Pretty Awesome Tipper

I am a blogger of the most naughty type.  The type of blogger that leaves her poor readers with no new posts and no explanation for her absence.  I could now go in to countless excuses including but not limited to having a summer class and still working full time, spending what little free time I might have training like mad for a fitness competition and being utterly lazy.  While all of that would be true, only the last one would really matter.  But lets just not get into that and jump right in to August.  I’ll save the excuses for my trainer when I invariably fudge up my diet with one margarita or ten.  Preferably ten of course.

Please and thank you!
Once upon a time, I adopted a table as I clocked-on for the night shift.  I say adopt because a day-shifter cashed them out and just up and left without filling anyone in on if the table was totally finished or not.  Being a good little Hooters Girl, I decided to check on the gentleman and their four glaringly empty pints.  This is Montana, friends, no one says no to more beer.  They ordered a round.

So I quenched their thirst and they cashed out.  But they weren’t done.  Even after cashing them out I easily sold them a round two and then a round three.  Each time they cashed out – believing they were done – and several would argue over who would pay the current bill.  All that stubborn instance resulted in bills of various denominations being spread about the table.  It was like a rap video only minus the video hos and thinly veiled drug references.

After the third round, it was finally decided that the time had come to move on.  While a few of the random bills were placed in open wallets, many stayed on the table.  It was instantly apparent to me that some of them had simply forgotten about the money they’d attempted to pay with.

As they stood by the door before heading out, I scooped up the well over $30 and made my way over to the group.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but I think some of you might have left a little more than you intended.”

“You know,” said one of the guys looking at the cash fanned out in my hands, “It looks like you’re right, but I think because you’re so honest we’ll just let you keep it.  It’s nice to see that people like you really exist in the world these days.”

The others nodded in agreement as I stood with the bills in my outstretched hands.  Then they all said thank you and made their way out even as I insisted it wasn’t my money to have.  It was certainly not an everyday sort of occurrence.

Attention to all you nonbelievers, karma does exist.  And she is totally bitchin’.

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  1. I always find it hard to believe that people can forget they left money on the table, though apparently it happens. I guess having a couple dozen pints will do that. Not that I would know.



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