30 August 2011

Money Can Cause Stress

I feel ya, George
I am stressed.  And not totally because of the reason you’d probably think.  Yes, I am once again a student and it is a bit disarming settling back into that lifestyle.  While it’s certainly different – I’ve not been in classes for over three years after all – I actually really enjoy school.  It’s work, but it’s work that I happen to love.  I even don’t so much mind homework (unless it’s my old friend, accounting).

What’s really got me all worked up is the fact that I have gone from as close to overtime as possible to just three measly days a week at work.  And that’s not counting the multiple weekends I have three-day lectures.  So I only get to work Friday – Sunday.  Unless I’m, for example, learning about the Digital Economy.  Then I don’t work at all that week.  That fact, my friends, has not been settling very well.

Here’s the thing about me; I’m a saver.  I love putting money in the bank.  I love checking my balance.  I love having no debt.  And now suddenly I don’t have as much coming in.  That stresses the shit right of this girl.

For the record, I did save up all sorts of money just for this reason.  I knew my first semester would be a heavy one and I planned accordingly.  I put money away knowing I’d be working far less.  Yet that planning didn’t prepare me for the feeling that would come over me watching my balance go down rather than up.  The saver in me doesn’t like to see that even when I made allowances for it.

So if I go off the deep-end and start panhandling or selling organs in the next few months you’ll know why; it’s because I’m completely insane when it comes to my cash flow.  Here’s hoping I can survive the next fifteen weeks with all my body parts and all my consumer electronics.  On that note, where is the nearest pawnshop?


  1. I can relate. Sure, you know you've budgeted and saved and have calculated it out so that it'll go a long way, so intellectually you know you'll be probably be able to get by, but your subconcious just looks at that dwindling balance and is screaming "Nooooooooo!"

  2. I know exactly what you're going through.

    I've held down two jobs since November of last year. I was putting money in the bank at least twice a week. I felt financially free. Then in June I go and visit my home State. When I came back, I had tons of credit card bills from my visit. I hate credit card debt, but that wasn't my issue. Those were paid off right away. My issue was dealing with unexpected car repairs. Before I knew it I was $1,000 in the hole, I quit my second job, and now I'm right back where I started nearly a year ago.

    I'm going back to visit home in about three weeks. After I come back it's back to business. I can't stand seeing my account as low as it is.

    Your new lifestyle is going to take a bit to getting used to. But in the long run, you'll be fine.

  3. Deep Breath, It's all going to be okay.

    This is the reason you have been saving. Remember, being a saver is good. Being a miser is bad. The only reason to save money is to have it to spend on worthwhile ventures. Having the time to do well in school definitely qualifies.

    You also just made my list of funniest restaurant industry sites at Restaurant Laughs. One more reason to smile.



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