14 April 2009

Girl Contemplates the Wonders of Twitter

I have to begin by admitting that I don't really get why Twitter is so exciting. Personally I just don't see the point of summing up my daily activities in blurbs of 140 characters or less (anyone who has read my blog knows I like to talk a lot more than that) that anyone and everyone can read if they want to or not.

And that's the thing, odds are people probably wouldn't read or care about any of the useless crap I'd probably end up tweeting (please excuse me if my twitter slang is incorrect). I can see it now...

Just got a run in my nylons...again

A creeper hit on me...again

I played some sick guitar riffs...again

I'm not famous for being awesome...yet

I guess I'm just really on the fence because while I'm sure it's addictive and wonderful in some really odd way that I can't quite understand, I just don't really see the point. Please feel free to enlighten me. Until I finally jump on the bandwagon I'll just continue to feed my raging Facebook addiction. And for the record I was on the Facebook bandwagon before it was even a wagon and it was more like a few people you didn't even want to be friends with aimlessly wandering around; I'm just cool like that. Not sure if I'm cool enough for Twitter though.


  1. When Twitter first came out I thought it was the most stupid thing that I had ever heard of. Who wants to know what I'm eating for dinner? I jumped in to the Twitter world as a way to promote my blog, however, and now I somewhat see the appeal. It's a great networking tool for me. More people read my blog due to the profile I have up on Twitter. From a more personal standpoint, I can imagine that it's a great way to stay in touch with your friends throughout the day. It's like sending a mass text message to every one of your friends who is on Twitter.

    I still think it's kind of stupid, though.

  2. Twitter is fun is you just let yourself go. It is less intimate than Facebook. Random people can't check out your photo albums and know where you go to school etc. And yet you can share your thoughts with others, in a more intimate and informal way than blogs.

    There is nothing to get, really. Just try it out and see if you like it.

  3. Sounds like I might just have to try it...we'll see!

  4. Don't worry; I don't get Twitter, either.



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