22 April 2009

Step One: Get Selected for the Colgate Country Showdown

I was selected for the Colgate Country Showdown! I turned in my demo and based on that I was one of 14 competitors selected from around 50 submissions. Now I have to contact the venue to do soundcheck (how official sounding) and decide what I'll play. I'll have ten minutes of performing time so I'll think I'll be doing a cover of Sugarland's "Stay" and an original song called "Falling Out". Here I come country stardom (I wish).


  1. oh yay! we knew you could do it. sooo much better than a bikini contest...

  2. congrats!! Will u upload the audio to this blog?

  3. Awesome! You'll kick ass and win the whole thing!

  4. I don't know how to upload audio since blogger doesn't support that itself...I'll look into it though!



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