30 April 2009

The Fight

I would like to start by saying that I am probably the easiest person to get along with in the world. I literally like everyone, even the people no one else gets along with. I guess I'm just the sort of optimistic person that finds the good in everyone. There is however one person I have been unable to find that good in - my roommate.

First, I think it's important for my story today to give you a little background on our household dynamic. I live with five other roommates, yes I said five. Now what makes this this tolerable is the fact that we live in a huge house; I'm talking five bedrooms, two kitchens, three living rooms big. All of my roommates including myself have graduated college and two of them are engaged to be married this summer. There is however one outlier, we'll call her RK.

RK is a student at our local tech school and she was one of those last minute sort of roommates that you get when you need a room filled fast. Having just turned 21, RK is younger than all of the rest of the roommates and it shows. At first none of us really minded her. She was loud constantly, brought home guys a lot, and wasn't the most considerate person but we all equated this to her being young and let it be. Well after awhile it came to our attention that this girl talks about everyone and not the nice sort of talk but the sort that is so negative that half of it isn't even real. There are certain people that thrive on gossip and drama whether it pertains to them or not and RK is certainly one of those girls.

Several months later it become incredibly apparently that not only was she talking to all of us about various "friends" of her's (which I became expert at toning out) but RK was also talking to others about all of us roommates. Not only was she talking, but making things up that were incredibly hurtful. She even fed lies to us about each other, pitting us against each other when there was nothing for us to fight about in the first place. RK had gotten into everyone's heads and exerted a control I believe she loved. The way she is has nothing to do with being young but honestly being an evil, hurtful person.

Obvisouly all of this is incredibly paraphrased and censored, but the fact is that all of it came to a huge breaking point. After all of us deciding RK had to be talked to after we were told she was talking bad about us by several people I hardly even know, we sat down to have a family meeting last night. We cautiously confronted RK about her various behavior, especially her addiction to drama. Well RK didn't take this too well and became instantly defensive, simultaneously spewing lies about us while saying she's never talked about anyone ever. That's the thing with RK, I honestly believe she talks about people so much she doesn't even realize it anymore - it's that ingrained into the person she is.

We all let her talk and let it roll off of our backs and made our points known. Then she said something that cut me deeper than anything anyone has ever said to me. RK made hateful comments about my parents who she has never even met. This is when with no self-control I flew at her. I had never fought anyone until the very moment when I began dragging her back down the stairs by her hair (and that really happened). Several flying punches and bleeding noses later my roommates pulled us apart and she promptly said she was moving out which was both started and completed last night.

I find it interesting that my roommates let me get in a few punches before pulling us apart. Later they even said they have wanted to hit RK countless times. Funny that as probably the least confrontational of all us I was finally the one to do it. But as good as it felt I did feel incredibly bad. I am just not the sort of person to take things to a physically harmful level and as such I apologized to her. I told RK that I meant every word that I had said, I owned up to being frustrated and annoyed and even disliking her, but I apologized for getting physical and coming at her. She never apologized for anything. So she's moved out and honestly today I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me - we all feel like that. The drama is gone and I couldn't be happier even with a swollen face.

Oh and by the way, RK is the same roommate who talked shit about one of my fellow Hooters Girls and broke my $2000 laptop I told you about before. So here's to you RK, grow the eff up because the real world is going to kick you hard in the ass someday and it may not make you bleed like I did, but it'll hurt a lot worse - trust me


  1. I just want to say that you claim she needs to grow up but ur the one that hit her. Granted she may have deserved and its obvious that she is a bitch but still the only way you should attack someone is if the are going to hurt you physically. Please consider this next time you decide to "open a can of whoop ass" :)

  2. I totally agree with you. As I stated in my post I have never hit been in a physical conflict with anyone and I never plan to again. The fact that she is the kind of person that can bring that out in me just shows me the type of poisonous person she can be. I apologized for coming at her because it was immature, but I honestly couldn't control it - which is frightening. Oh and for the record I never hit her with a closed fist, never would, I however was punched both in the back of the head (yes as I was turning away) and in the face. All I know is that I'm glad she's gone at any rate.

  3. Sauce, it sounds as if though the way you handled it might have been wrong at least she is gone and your homelife will be much more peaceful. maybe you could write some really kick ass song about the whole thing and that be the hit that takes you to stardom. Seriously I enjoy your blog and I hope things get better Good luck. I'm sorry if I was out of line with the last post

  4. oh not out of line at all! I am saying that I most totally agree with you. That's why I felt compelled to apologize. The end result had to happen. Am I happy the way it happened, no. Am I happy it did happen, yes.

  5. Ok, I realize this post is from last year, but as a relatively new reader being introduced to this post which is relatively new to me, I felt the urge to comment. I feel you handled correctly to be honest. I don't promote violence by any means but she did deserve what she got. She spoke about your parents, even if she did know them, that is wrong and amongst the highest og high on the disrepectful list. You are a better person than me and many others that I know because I don't think I would have been able to apologize to her after the melee. So madd props to you for being the bigger person and for being a good fighter. Haha



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