15 April 2009

Things Overheard

I am one of those nerdy type people that reads pretty much anything she can get her hands on from classics to historical fiction to chick-lit. As an avid reader I have found several things I have in the last few days utterly depressing.

First off, one of my guy friends and I were talking and I was saying how I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on books (actually it could be far more than that but I'm scared to even really think about it).

Without flinching he said, "I've only read on book. It was Hatchet and I'm pretty sure that was 4th grade."

First of all when I read Hatchet as a third grader I thought it was awful. Second, of course I figured he was joking, but no he was in no way joking. Logically my first question was how does one get through something like, say school without reading and he promptly admitted to cheating his was through the entire 13 year process of his public education. Does your diploma say, 'General Studies with Emphasis in Cheating' on it because it probably should. I feel bad for his poor underutilized brain.

The other thing I heard this week is actually hilarious while being depressing at the same time. Last night, before my boxing class (please insert word badass here), I made a quick stop at my favorite store, Barnes and Nobel (I think I get a high from the smell of new books...seriously). As I'm casually shopping I come across a young couple in the stacks. While the girl is looking at the books her boyfriend/fiance/husband starts looking at prices (a scary proposition).

In horror he says, "These are so expensive, why don't they have a place where you can just rent books?"

Dear Lord, you did not just say that. Once again he was totally, completely, disappointingly serious. I'm not sure if you've heard but they came out with this amazing invention a few years back called a library and it's pretty legit - I highly recommend it.

I mean I'd tell these people to go read a book and get a clue, but it's pretty apparent they wouldn't read it; more likely they'd just get the Cliff's Notes and still not really get it.


  1. That is depressingly hilarious.

  2. AHAHAHAHA YESSS! I would have died right there in the book store. kudos on favorite books store and boxing btw.

  3. oh my gosh ok so i accidentally commented you and another name... i guess my dad's friend has a blog profile or something because that's his name... sorry... ps... DO NOT write to him... my father has no idea I work at hooters...

  4. your secret is safe with me :)

  5. Oh, gosh. What is the world coming to? I don't know what I'd do without books and here are these people? My boyfriend's lack of enthusiasm for them is bad enough. I'm trying to snap him out of it by showing him that every single one of his favorite movies is based on a better book.

  6. Yes Brit your secret is safe with us, readers of this blog, Google indexing spiders, and the whole Inter-web :-)



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