02 April 2010

Ariel's Adventures: Mr Bush

Recently as Ariel was telling me yet another of her amazing work stories, I decided I would star sharing some of them with you.  These will be called Ariel's Adventures and this is hopefully the first of many.

Ariel is a free spirit - hardly your typical Hooters Girl.  Well unless you count the fact that she is tall, thin, gorgeous and bubbly as can be.  Then she is the perfect Hooters Girl.  But beyond being stunning, she's a philosophy major because she wanted to be "an educated and enlightened human being."  That, not so Hooters typical.  This is why I love her.  The aspiring law student and philosophy student at Hooters, hilarity ensues.

Recently, Ariel had a table of men in their late twenties.  Naturally, they wanted beer.  Big beer.  Lots of big beer.  Naturally, Ariel asked for IDs.  Hooters has a policy of IDing anyone who appears thirty-five or under.  Way to follow the rules, Ariel.  Gold star.  As she's checking IDs, she stops at one.  Observing the last name, Ariel cannot help but say something.  This is classic Ariel.

Ariel:  "Bush?  Like the president?"
Bush:  "Yup, just like 'em"

Let me pause here.  The fact that Bush said both "yup" and "'em" in one sentence should have caused Ariel to refrain from making her next comment.  Or the fact that she was in Montana.  But Ariel is a philosophy major.  And from Portland, Oregon.  She couldn't stop.  This is why I love her.

Ariel:  "So are you closed minded like him too?"
Bush:  "EXCUSE ME?!"

Before he even managed to spit something out about being a Republican, Ariel was calmly making her exit from the table.  This is just her style.  Don't worry, because she is (as afore mentioned) tall, thin, gorgeous and bubbly she managed to salvage the situation and play it off like she wasn't a liberal goddess from Oregon and rather just a comedic genius with effortless humor.  She is amazing like this.  I blame it on Socrates.


  1. As it happens, I know of two Hooter girls/philosophy majors myself.

  2. Ariel is from my home town! I now must obsessively follow all of her adventures simply for this reason. *obsessive stalker mode implemented* Haha, just kidding Sauce, I'll only ever blog stalk you. (Fortunately this includes Ariel. YAY ME!)



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