04 April 2010

Hooters and the Little Old Ladies

They came in giggling.  This is a fairly common female reaction to Hooters.  The door opens, they hear "Hi, welcome to Hooters" and instantly turn fifty shades of red.  This time, however, it was a little different.  These three ladies were old.  When I say old, I mean could be my grandma, 75+ old.  Upon closer examination, they weren't embarrassed, but rather had giggles of surprise as they surveyed the scene before them.  Judging their reaction, it seemed they expected something else entirely as they entered the doors of Hooters.

This is also fairly common.  People have no idea what Hooters is.  They come in unsure what they might find.  They might have heard a few things here and there that generally aren't true.  Rumors and lies and false impressions are all too common.  I probably spend half my time dispelling myths and righting misconceptions.  This wasn't in the job description.

So as I'm approaching the three with bev naps in hand, I am ready to meet a barrage of questions.  I'm ready to explain what were about and why I'm wearing what I'm wearing.  I'm ready to defend my job choice.  I'm ready to defend Hooters.  As I get closer, the alpha grandma looks at me quizzically.  None of my prepared answers for the general questions that a 75-year-old woman would ask could prepare me for what came next.

Alpha Grandma:  "But why aren't you topless?!"

Sauce:  "Oh, we aren't topless here.  Hooters is a family restaurant."

Alpha Grandma:  "Well some Hooters are topless.  Why isn't this a topless one?"

Sauce:  "None of the Hooters restaurants are topless.  It's a pretty innocent place."

Alpha Grandma:  "Are you sure?"

The conversation continued in this general direction as I led them to a sunny booth.  As I set out their napkins and introduced their Hooters Girl, I couldn't help but be amused by the situation.  I mean these cute, little grandmothers thought Hooters was topless and expected Hooters to be topless and STILL came in.  I think that is truly amazing.  I mean, that these seemingly innocent elderly ladies would purposely go to a topless restaurant is refreshing.  What is even more refreshing (and entertaining) is that there was a twang of disappointment when it was obvious we all had shirts on.  Go, old ladies, go!

I hope I'm cool like that when I'm a senior citizen.

1 comment:

  1. That is chuckle worthy.
    I too, aspire to be that much fun when I am older. XD



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