10 April 2010

The Crop Top

The infamous crop top has indeed returned to Hooters.  Once upon a time, Hooters Girls wore t-shirts tied up at the back.  They also didn't wear nylons.  True story.  Well we're still wearing nylons, but Hooters has reintroduced an updated version of the cropped top.  Instead of a tied up t-shirt, the new crop top is a tight fitting, v-necked shirt with cap sleeves.   Overall, it's a more flattering looking than the traditional tank.  Well unless you count the bare midriff.

The crop top that was recently introduced is NOT replacing the Hooters Uniform.  While some stores are including the crop top - mine included - they cannot force their employees to wear it.  At my store for instance, certain girls are approved to wear the top and are allowed to wear it only on certain night shifts.  Our management decided the crop top was not necessarily appropriate for dayshifts and I tend to agree.   The only exception to this is the bartender who is allowed to wear the crop top during any shift.

So what do I think of the crop top?  Well first off, I was approved for the top, but I have a tattoo that shows on my back when wearing it and I'm really too lazy to cover it up.  So it will be a rare occasion on which I dawn the crop top myself.  But surprising, I actually don't mind the top.  When I heard about it initially, I was very hesitant.  I thought it would make Hooters look trashier and somewhat increase the negative image that many hold.  In fact, my opinion before experiencing the top was pretty much summed up by a fellow blogging (ex) Hooters Girl HERE.  However, on the right body, the crop top can look adorable if it's fit appropriately.  This is the key.  In some pictures I have seen, girls that should not be wearing the crop top are hanging out all over.   I'm not judging a curvy, womanly body.  I'm simply saying that it is a very, very unforgiving uniform and is not for every Hooters Girl.  But in most cases, I am a crop top convert.

Now, please note that who can wear the crop top and when is to be decided by the management (or franchise owner) at any given store.  Some stores don't have the top at all.  What I mentioned above is what was decided for my store and my store only.  Check out the new crop top and make your own opinions at a Hooters near you!


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  2. where did you buy it?



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