26 April 2010

Where is Hans?

Hans appeared today after an absence of several weeks.  This is very unlike Hans; he is a man of consistency.  Normally, I can gauge my days by the appearance of Hans.  If he shows up close to noon it's a Tuesday, closer to two it's a Thursday.  Given this reliability, Hans' extended absence had me a little worried.  Then today, not a Tuesday or a Thursday mind you, Hans appeared.  The fact that it was a Monday was only the first irregularity.

As the door opened, I didn't initially realize it was Hans from across the restaurant.  First of all, another older gentleman accompanied him, holding the door as Hans gingerly entered.  This was also unlike Hans.  Though he is older, Hans hardly has trouble getting around.  Today, however, walking appeared a chore as he slowly moved toward his usual table.  Moving closer, I watched a smile appear across his face as I noted how red and swollen his lower jaw was.  It was suddenly very apparent that something had happened to Hans. 

Carefully sitting down, I went to get his usual Miller Lite bottle.  Slowly, Hans raised his hand as if to wave off the idea and requested a water with lemon.  Something was wrong indeed.  Setting down his water and sitting down next to him I was unable to hide my look of concern.  He noticed.

Hans:  "Oh, I am fine.  Life has given me a test.  I have passed."

From there he went on to tell me about his heart attack.  Hans had suffered a massive heart attack that left him unconscious.  After being out for a number of minutes, Hans came to and managed to call the ambulance for himself.  On the way to the hospital, miles from his semi-rural lake house, Hans' lung collapsed further complicating his situation.  Luckily, he was stabilized and released after an extended stay in the hospital. 

Hans:  "Now I am strong.  Therapy maybe, but only if I have a pretty one!"

Even now, Hans still has his sense of humor - even if his heart decided to slow him down a little.

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  1. Poor Hans! Sounds like he's moving right along though. :)

    btw, your blog roll has my post titles showing up under "Server Not Slave"--very strange!



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