21 April 2010

Mr. Corporate

Our swimsuit pageant is judged by "celebrity" judges.  Usually, a local celebrity means someone like a local radio D.J. or the weather guy.  You know, important people.  This year however, we actually had a judge from Hooters of America.  Yes, we had a corporate judge.  This wasn't just some yahoo, but a man who actually knows about Hooters.  A man who knows what the perfect Hooters Girl should be.  The stakes were high.

Well really, it didn't make that much of a difference in the end.  We all did our thing and looked damn good.  But you know all that, you read the play-by-play.  It was after the contest ended that having Mr. Corporate around got a little interesting.  There we were talking and generally sucking up and it came up that I play the guitar.  This is what followed:

Mr. Corporate:  "Wait, YOU'RE the guitar playing Hooters Girl?!"

Sauce:  "Yeah, I guess that's me.  I do indeed play the guitar."

I then expected him to say that he had heard about me from another corporate employee I had played for.  In fact, that employee had played me through her phone for another corporate employee.  Naturally, at this point I assumed that had been Mr. Corporate.  I was wrong.

Mr. Corporate:  "The guitar playing Hooters Girl that blogs.  The Hooters blog."

Uh oh.  I am now totally unprepared.  I feel my face flush as I worry about what he may say next.

Mr. Corporate:  "I LOVE your blog.  It's great!  I read it and forward it and everyone just loves it."

Sauce:  Sigh of relief, "Thank you!  I'm glad I'm not overstepping my place as a Hooters Girl."

Mr. Corporate:  "Hardly.  Even the ones that rip on Hooters are great.  You give the Hooters Girl a human face."

So on and so forth.  All I know is that I think it's pretty cool that corporate reads my blog.  I think it's even cooler that corporate actually likes my blog.  Thank goodness.  I can't imagine what would have happened had he said they hated it.  Well actually, I can.  It would have involved a lot less blogging and a lot more deleting.  You get my drift.

Oh and corporate, if you're reading this I'd love to work for you.  I have a marketing degree you know.  And I'm awesome.  I could write for your magazine or maybe do some design work.  Drop me a line.


  1. I agree with corporate. I love you blog. Reading it makes me want to go to Hooters. And, for the record, if I was corporate, I would at least interview you if I had an opening. Good luck!

  2. Great stuff as always.. Please forward your resume to me. I would gladly pass it on to the Hooters Magazine and our Marketing Dept. Keep on blogging. :)

    Brian Hood
    Franchise Business Manager
    1815 The Exchange
    Atlanta Georgia 30339

  3. Sauce,

    Corporate is validating what your readers have known all along. Even us lurkers ;-)

    I am a loyal customer of my local Hooters and also had the opportunity to visit your store when I went back home to Montana for a visit last spring. A great store in the most urban town in Montana. Keep up the good work!

    You seem to be pretty typical of most of the HG’s I’ve met. Working their way through school, generally, and far from being empty-headed!

    BTW, opportunities open up in strange places. The “wait list” might be a blessing in disguise!

    You’ll achieve your dreams. We have no doubt.

  4. In one of my very brief breaks from serving I was a Hooters Manager. This was 2003-2004. During that time I saw corporate change quite a bit regarding the internet. When I went through Hooters U, I heard all about the evils of Hooters' Girls on the internet. I think eventually they realized that the girls were more than just the person in their uniform. They add the human face to the company and in some cases are marketing machines. I am glad they have relaxed on this issue.

    Great blog by the way. Ran across it from the Slightly Cranky Waitress. I think this is a perfect example of how letting the girls tell their stories puts a much more human face on the company than their calendars and magazine.



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